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A Guide to the Best Arthritis Supplements

A Guide to the Best Arthritis Supplements: What to Look for in a Product

best arthritis supplementsWhen seeking the best arthritis supplements, consumers should know that price is not the only factor to consider. Purchasing the cheapest product out there is not a guarantee that you will get your money’s worth and that you will get the relief you are looking for. So, for those who are planning to buy such a supplement, here are some tips just for you.

Base ingredients

There are a number of health supplements out there meant to relieve pain caused by arthritis and other joint-related problems. However, a number of experts and consumers alike agree that products with green lipped mussel (GLM) as their base ingredient are probably a consumer’s best bet.

Green lipped mussel, a shellfish native to the waters of New Zealand, is said to be the most beneficial when it comes to relieving joint pains caused by inflammation and arthritis. However, they also agree that merely having GLM as its base ingredient does not make a supplement the best there is.

Method of preparation

Aside from the base ingredient, consumers should also concern themselves with the method used in manufacturing the supplement. Among the many GLM-based products available in the market today, experts agree that the best arthritis supplements are those that are offered in powder form. This is because powdered GLM retains the most of the nutrients offered by the raw mussel.

Cooking the mussels or freezing them actually degrade the nutritional value of the raw product, which means that the end material will not have the same potency as the raw shellfish. The best powdered form supplements do not undergo such procedures and only require around 30 minutes to be manufactured, thereby ensuring that the nutrients of the shellfish are mostly retained in the end product.

Why GLM-based products are the best arthritis supplements

Green lipped mussels or Perna canaliculus are rich in glycosaminoglycans which have been found to be effective in repairing joint tissue damage. In addition, the shellfish is highly effective in strengthening the bones and teeth, not to mention providing overall health benefits ranging from well-balanced circulatory and immune systems to healthier skin.

Aside from the handful of factors mentioned above, consumers should also consider the source of the raw materials used by the manufacturer. Supplements that make use of green lipped mussels directly harvested from New Zealand waters are your best options since these are the freshest and safest type and will provide you with the best arthritis supplements that you can find.

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