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Best Joint Pain Relief Products

Green Lipped Mussel Supplement: More than Just the Best Joint Pain Relief Product

best joint pain reliefA green lipped mussel (GLM) supplement can be one of the best joint pain relief products out there, but it can also be much more. If you are suffering from joint pains, arthritis and other inflammatory disorders, such health supplements can definitely benefit you. But there are others that offer much more than pain relief.

Health advantages of GLM

Raw green lipped mussels or Perna canaliculus are well-known for their ability to provide relief from joint pain and for their efficacy in reducing inflammation. Most of the commercially available supplements made from GLM can provide you with these two major benefits. However, green lipped mussels are not just about relieving joint pains, they also have other health benefits that most manufacturers of GLM supplements fail to mention.

Raw GLM is also highly effective in promoting healthy skin, providing better-conditioned circulatory and immune systems, stronger bones and teeth, improved nerve cell functions, higher fertility level and better overall health. All of these benefits can be gained if you eat the shellfish raw. However, most of us cannot do that as raw green lipped mussel does not exactly taste good.

Getting your money’s worth

Why settle for having the best joint pain relief supplement when you can have more? That is, without having to consume the shellfish raw. You see, the reason why some manufacturers of GLM supplements fail to mention the other benefits of green lipped mussels is because they are unable to package these additional benefits in their tablets, gels and other supplement forms.

Most supplements made from this mollusk are prepared either by freezing or cooking. There are also those that were made using the process of stabilization. If any of these options are used, it is a sure thing that the final product will not be as potent as the raw shellfish. Why? Because all three methods result in the inevitable degradation of the nutritional value of the raw shellfish.

Preventing the erosion of the shellfish’s nutritional value

For you to get the best joint pain relief supplement, and at the same time gain the other health benefits that raw GLM can offer, you need to find a green lipped mussel product that has been prepared just right.

Your best bet would be a supplement in powder form since preparation for this does not require high levels of heat nor it involves freezing. It should also be prepared without stabilizing the raw mussels so as to avoid the addition of chemical preservatives. The shorter the time used to produce the end product, the better. And to make sure that you have the best joint pain relief supplement, make sure that the GLMs used were from the pristine waters of New Zealand.

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