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Best Joint Supplements for Dogs

Tips on Choosing the Best Joint Supplements for Dogs

best joint supplement for dogs

Are you trying to find the best joint supplements for dogs? It can be confusing with all of the choices available right now. You need to make sure you’re buying a quality product that will be effective and safe for your dog. The information in this report will help you to examine the different products available, and come to a conclusion that gives you the best product for your pet.

Arthritis and Joint Pain in Dogs

Dogs, like their human friends and owners, also suffer from joint pains and arthritis when they get older. Owners can spot the onset of arthritis in their dogs through several signs, including limping, difficulty in standing or sitting, stiff movements, hesitant movements, weight gain, reluctance to engage in activities and sleeping for long periods of time.

How Can You Keep Your Dogs Joints Healthier?

Aside from aging, excess weight is another reason behind most dogs’ joint pains. Dogs that are overweight tend to develop arthritis earlier than those with proper body weight. Taking your dogs for walks and giving him enough exercise will help keep his bones and joints healthy and will minimize his chances of developing arthritis.

For dogs that are already suffering from arthritis, taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and medications with glucosamine or omega-3 fatty acids prescribed by veterinarians will help ease his discomfort and pain. It is important to note that before giving any of these medications to your dog, a consultation with a veterinarian is necessary.

Why Does Your Pet Need the Best Joint Supplements for Dogs?

It will be better still if you can keep your dog’s bones healthy and minimize his chances of developing arthritis. One way you can do this is to give him green lipped mussel (GLM) supplements. Studies from both New Zealand and Australia have found that this popular anti-inflammatory supplement is as effective on dogs as it is on humans.

For dog owners, selecting powdered GLM supplements for their pets will be a wise move since such form of supplement can be easily mixed with dog food without your pets being the wiser. Furthermore, powdered green lipped mussel is more potent than pills or oil extract supplements.

How Can GLM Help Your Dog?

Just like in humans, green lipped mussels can help inhibit the activities of cyclo-oxygenase and leukotrienes. Both of these materials have been implicated in the inflammatory process and have been identified as factors behind arthritis. GLM is also rich in complex carbohydrates and minerals that can keep your dog in tip-top shape.

A lot of experts and pet owners have attested that green lipped mussel powder supplements are the best joint supplements for dogs. And if you care for your pets like these other owners, you will make sure that they are getting only the best.

How Can You Choose the Best Supplements on the Market?

Choosing a supplement for your dog is not as easy as simply finding the first, or even the cheapest green mussel extract for dogs. You need to make sure that the extract you use is effective, has a high level of purity, and that the supplement is safe. In fact, you should consider safety before you think about anything else.

So how would you know if a supplement is safe for your dog? The problem is that Green Lipped Mussel extract is not marketed specifically towards dogs. Most products that you find will be advertised with humans in mind, but this doesn’t mean that your dog can’t enjoy the benefits of high quality GLM extract. The way that you will determine whether a product is safe for your dog, is by eliminating any risk by ensuring that the supplement contains no other additives that could compromise the health of your pet.

Dogs have different digestive systems to humans, and they have different nutritional needs. In the United States and in most developed countries, dog foods are required by law to meet minimum nutritional values for your animal. This means that unless instructed by a veterinarian, you don’t need to be providing your dog with supplement vitamins. Dogs even produce some of their own vitamins, like Vitamin C, for example. When you’re looking for a GLM extract, choose carefully, and choose one that contains no vitamin or extract additives. This means that you want to stick to one that is purely a GLM extract. You will find others on the market that contain vitamins, oils, types of grain, and other ingredients for flavoring and odor. It’s not worth risking the safety of your dog on these products.

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Purity is something that contributes to safety, but it can also have a strong impact on the effectiveness of the product. When a product is mixed with other ingredients, there’s more than just a concern for their implications on safety. These ingredients may not interact well with the GLM extract, and that could even mean that the extract is no longer effective, or does not provide as much anti-inflammatory relief as is possible with a pure version of the extract.

To know that you’re getting the most pure version of GLM for your dog, again, simply choose one that contains no additives. On top of this, make sure that you’re buying a powder version of the tablet. Powdered tablets can be produced in less time than it takes to produce oil based extracts, and this means that the product is fresher. The best products are produced in as little as 30 minutes from harvesting the fresh mussel, to pressing the powdered pill. These extract won’t be treated by extreme heat or long cooking, and this all means that you’re getting the purest product available.

When you take purity and safety of ingredients into account, you can be confident that you’re giving your dog the safest supplement on the market. Another benefit of choosing a powder based pill is that it will be easy to break up and distribute throughout your dog’s normal meals. This makes dosing easy, and your dog won’t even know that it’s there.

Are There Standout Products Available for Dogs?

We encourage you to browse through the available GLM extract reviews, to determine the best product for your dog, while taking into account all of the information that you’ve learned. Although there are dozens of products available in health stores and online, there is one exceptionally strong offering that stands out when compared to the rest.

That product is the Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel Powder.

Why is this our most recommended supplement? It is simple because it is the purest, and most highly regarded extract available. It is produced in New Zealand, close to the source of the mussels. Being a powdered supplement, it meets all of the criteria of being easy to add into your dog’s food, and it is also easy to digest. Most importantly, it contains no additives and uses the most efficient production method, which makes this particular extract one of the most potent that you can find.

Arthritis and other joint related conditions don’t have to mean lifelong suffering for your dog. Give your dog back the mobility it had when it was younger, by supplementing its diet with a high quality Green Lipped Mussel extract.

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