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How Location Affects Green Lipped Mussel Supplement Potency

Did you know that Green Lipped Mussel Supplement Potency is dependent on where the shellfish grow? There are a number of green lipped mussel supplement products available commercially, but not all of them are as pure or as potent as manufacturers would have us believe. Factors like extraction process, supplement form and even where the […]

Why GLM is the best anti inflammatory supplement

Proof that Green Lipped Mussel Is the Best Anti Inflammatory Supplement A number of studies have touted green lipped mussel (GLM) as the best anti inflammatory supplement there is. How so? Various reasons have been cited and all of them are supported by research studies. Effectiveness in fighting inflammation A study from RMIT University in […]

What Is Green Lipped Mussel? …and Why It Would Benefit You to Know

What is Green Lipped Mussel? After having read a report or some piece of news about this topic, you are probably wondering: what is green lipped mussel (GLM)? Aside from satisfying your curiosity, there are a number of other reasons why you should learn what GLM is, most of them health-related. In here, you’ll get […]

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel and Arthritis

How Green Lipped Mussels can work wonders for your Arthritis The New Zealand green lipped mussel has been highly touted as an effective remedy for arthritis and other inflammation-related conditions. However, there remain some questions as to how it works in terms of relieving joint pains and inflammatory illnesses. For those who are still wondering, below is […]

Seatone Green Lipped Mussel Extract

Green Lipped Mussel Information – Seatone Green Lipped Mussel Extract Are you still looking for green lipped mussel information, or maybe you’re searching for Seatone Green Lipped Mussel Extract. You may have probably heard that this shellfish has been proven to be effective in helping ease the symptoms of arthritis, joint pains, and other diseases […]

Green Lipped Mussel History

Learn All About Green Lipped Mussel History When people start to research green lipped mussel history, they always find that this kind of shellfish is abundant in the Australasia region of the Pacific Ocean. For example, an abundance of green lipped mussels are found in Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.  However, the […]

Green lipped Mussel Anti Inflammatory Properties

Green lipped Mussel Anti Inflammatory Properties: What you need to know It’s such a blessing for many people suffering from joint pains and arthritis to have a green lipped mussel anti inflammatory supplement that can make them feel so much better. Nutritional supplements that contain tissue from green lipped mussels, or perna canaliculus as it is […]

Green Lipped Mussel Capsules

How green lipped mussel capsules in powder form compare against green lipped mussel capsules in oil form In case you don’t know this, green lipped mussel capsules come in two forms, powder and oil form.Both of them are packaged in soft gel capsules so that they can be easily consumed. Now, there are a number […]

Green Lipped Mussel Creams

Benefits of Green Lipped Mussel Creams for Human Health Green lipped mussels are abundantly found in New Zealand. Because of their astounding nutritional health benefits, they have attained significant attention from researchers in the field of nutrition and medicine. Green lipped mussels are an important source of revenue for New Zealand and they are largely […]

Green Lipped Mussel side effects

Green Lipped Mussel Side Effects For You To Understand Before you try using any green lipped mussel supplements, what you need to be aware of  is the fact that green lipped mussel side effects are possible. So, it is very essential that you should become well informed about what the risks involved are. Even though is true that […]

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