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Dog Joint Pain Relief

Dog Joint Pain: Relief Is at Hand

People love their pets, be it a cat or a dog. Joint pain relief is something they are always looking for, particularly when their pet is getting on in years. Yes, it is true that dogs also suffer from joint pains brought on by arthritis and other conditions. Some breeds are believed to be more susceptible to joint aches and problems than others, but it does not mean that we cannot help our beloved pet.

Reasons for joint pain among dogs

There are various reasons why your dog would suffer from joint aches. Aging is the most common reason. Once a dog reaches more advanced years, his bones, like those of humans, are more likely to suffer from pain. Other reasons may be dysplasia or arthritis. The best way to find out though, is to go to a veterinarian to determine the exact reason behind the discomfort.

Veterinarians can also recommend the appropriate type of treatment regimen, based on the age of the dog, the actual condition and its breed. It is important to consult a professional first before giving your dog anything since a lot of factors will have to be considered first before a treatment method can be recommended. For all you know, natural methods may be enough to address dog joint pain. Relief can come from simple tweaks in your dog’s daily habits.

Symptoms you should watch out for

Determining whether your pet is suffering from pain is not that easy, given that they cannot really tell you what they feel. However, there are certain signs that you can watch out for to know when your dog needs special medical attention. The main one, of course, is aging.

The older a dog gets, the more prone he becomes to joint problems. It may be better not to wait for any manifestation of symptoms and just take him to a veterinarian if he has reached a certain age. But although age is the most common factor, this does not mean that younger dogs will not suffer from the same condition. To help you help your dog, here are some symptoms you should be aware of:

• Joint swelling

• Slow movements

• Stiffness when lying down or getting up

• Reluctance or inability to climb stairs

• Tendency to lick his joints

There are other symptoms, most of them having something to do with your dog’s movements. The longer you have had your pet, the better you will be able to tell if his movements have changed. Lack of appetite may also be a sign of dog joint pain. Relief can he had by taking him to your nearest veterinary clinic.

Treatment options

Dog owners should not worry though, as there are a lot of treatment options already available. One option is regular massage, which can speed up the release of endorphins, providing natural, readily-available pain killers. Another is regular exercise. Walking your dog regularly is a must, even among puppies and pets that are not suffering from any joint problem.

Feeding your dog properly is also important to strengthen his bones and his whole body. Veterinarians may also recommend certain medications, including nutritional supplements. One ideal option is Xtend-Life’s Green Lipped Mussel Powder. It is made from New Zealand green lipped mussels and is in powder form, so you can easily mix it with your dog’s food.

This nutritional supplement is made from all-natural ingredients, so it is safe even for pets. It is also made using a unique process with the main purpose of retaining the nutrients of the raw green lipped mussel.

You can ask your veterinarian about the best way to relieve dog joint pain. Relief is available to your pets, just make sure that you get him professional help as soon as he exhibits any of the symptoms discussed.

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