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Drugs vs Natural Remedies for Arthritis

Drugs vs natural remedies for arthritis

drugs vs natural remediesIf you are like most of the arthritis sufferers all over United States, you are looking for a drugs vs natural remedies for arthritis comparison.

You probably suffer from time to time from mild to severe pain and discomfort in your limbs because of arthritis. And you are probably using, or have used in the past, pharmaceutical drugs like Vioxx and Celebrex to ease the pain and find relief.
But, the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to put up with these dangerous drugs. There are natural alternative remedies that you can put to good use for your own benefit.

The pharmaceutical industry have recently made exaggerated claims that they have finally invented the wonder drugs that would eliminate arthritis altogether from the face of the earth. Because of their fundamental mechanism that they operate, they named them COX-2 inhibitors and, to prevent any counter criticism, the inventors supported the position that the users of these new drugs would have nothing to fear as far as health safety is concerned. But, these claims soon proved to be false, as soon as new research revealed that they could pose a huge risk to your heart.

After the arthritis sufferers realized that the new drugs were a fraud, they quickly retreated to the old drugs that they used before: aspirin, advil and naproxen. But, the sad reality is that these chemicals have a serious side effect, namely they can cause serious gastrointestinal complications if they are consumed for long periods of time.

And now, coming back to the natural remedies I mentioned, here are the five herbs that alternative nutritionists claim that they could significantly improve your quality of life when you fall victim of arthritis pain and discomfort:

The Herbal Way

Stephania Tetrandra: This herb originates from China and Korea and it has long been used by people there to treat diseases inflammation related diseases such as arthritis and high blood pressure. Its amazing properties are derived from the two wonder ingredients called Tet and Fang. Its worth mentioning that this herb has proven to be very effective at combating many allergy symptoms as well.

Boswellin: This herb comes from India and it is known in Ayurvedic medicine to be a very good remedy for fighting arthritis and maintaining joint health. Its underlying mechanism consists of increasing the blood supply to the joints and also of decreasing the effect of complex carbs that are the main culprits for the onset of inflammation.

White Willow Bark: This herb is quite old, dating back to more than 2,000 years. Consumers of this amazing herb attest to its effectiveness in terms of reduction of pain in the joints, back etc.

The well known compound  resveratrol found mostly in red grape leaves, grape jiice and red wine is also famous for its inhibiting activity on inflammation.

Lastly, Holy Basil is another very effective source of a range of nutrients that combat inflammation. The most prominent of these nutrients is one called ursolic acid.

In addition to herbal remedies, let me give you two  more pieces of advice on how you can find relief from arthritis:

Add Omega 3s in your diet

What is imperative you should do immediately is to eliminate any sugar or grains from your everyday food. What you should know is that the biochemical processes that are involved in breaking up these types of food, can potentially aggravate your arthritis symptoms and make you feel more pain.

Increase your intake of omega 3 essential fatty acids, which are known for being very effective at reducing inflammation. You can obtain it either by increasing the amount of fish that are rich in this type of fats that you eat, or by taking supplements that contain it.

One type of supplements that, apart from being rich in omega 3 acids, contain other health enhancing ingredients as well, are those based on green lipped mussel. These are type of shellfish grown and harvested in New Zealand.

To discover more about the different choices you have when you want to include a green lipped mussel supplement in your diet, make sure you visit my brand comparison review.

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