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Finding the Best Joint Pain Supplement

Finding the Best Joint Pain Supplement: The Glycosaminoglycan Factor

best joint pain supplementConsumers searching for the best joint pain supplement have likely heard about the power of green lipped mussel (GLM)-based products. These supplements are purported to have the power to relieve joint pain and reduce inflammation. But where does this power come from? Below are some explanations.

What are MPS?

MPS stands for mucopolysaccharides, which are also known as glycosaminoglycans – a group of complex carbohydrates that have an important part in human metabolism and human health and growth. These carbohydrates are also believed to have the capability to repair damaged joint tissues.

Glycosaminoglycans or MPS are an important factor in the functions of the human body at the cellular level, particularly in the joints and connective tissue areas. Green lipped mussels are rich in MPS and these complex carbohydrates are partly the reason for the mussels’ potency in relieving inflammation and joint pain.

How processing affects MPS content

The best joint pain supplement made from GLM should have a high level of MPS. The problem is, in some green lipped mussel supplement brands, the amount of MPS is very low since these complex carbohydrates are often lost during the extraction process.

In preparing the final product, most manufacturers of GLM supplements use high levels of heat or deep-freeze the mussels to derive the oil or the powder that they need to create the final material. Both processes inevitably result in the degradation of the nutrients contained in the raw shellfish, including glycosaminoglycans.

Importance of MPS on human health

Glycosaminoglycans are considered to be the glue holding the structure of human health together. They also help in modulating the bio-exchange within the intercellular matrix. As we age, our bodies tend to lose a lot of MPS, hence the need to take in foods or supplements that can provide us with these complex carbohydrates.

However, even a GLM-based product that claims to be the best joint pain supplement often has not enough MPS, particularly when the extraction process involves the use of high levels of heat and deep-freezing. So, when choosing a green lipped mussel supplement, it is important for us to consider just how the end product was processed.

Retaining MPS

A supplement that foregoes cooking or freezing will have a better chance of retaining the highest level of glycosaminoglycans that raw green lipped mussels can offer. Powdered supplements, made without cooking or freezing and prepared within the shortest time possible, are the most likely to have retained the highest level of MPS. If you can find such a product, then you have the best joint pain supplement that the market can offer.

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