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Green Lipped Mussel Capsules

How green lipped mussel capsules in powder form compare against green lipped mussel capsules in oil form

green lipped mussel capsulesIn case you don’t know this, green lipped mussel capsules come in two forms, powder and oil form.Both of them are packaged in soft gel capsules so that they can be easily consumed.

Now, there are a number of reasons that in general make the green lipped mussel capsules in powder form superior to the corresponding oil ones. Their main difference lies in the process followed from the time that the green lipped mussels are harvested from the waters of New Zealand until they are prepared and packaged into a supplement.

In this article, I am not going to get into more detail about this process and what are the implications of using one or the other – this is covered on another part on my website. What I am going to do though, is try to walk you though a calculation that will help you become more educated when you will be considering buying one or the other type of supplement.

OK, let’s start:

Most mussel oil products that are now on the market, contain between 25 mgs and 65 mgs of mussel oil per capsule.

On a side note, what you need to be aware of when you buy mussel oil capsules is the fact that the weight of the gel dispayed on the label does not necessarily correspond with the actual amount of mussel oil contained. Most manufacturers blend oil oil, grape seed oil, fish oil or some other type of oils within the capsule. Therefore, my advice to you is to make it a habit to always look at the supplement label to see how much mussel oil is actually contained in each gel.

Back to our calculation:

While it is difficult to compare oils with a green lipped mussel powder, let’s try to make our exercise more concrete and use the Xtend-life product as an example of a powder supplement.

Step 1:

Based on the premise that the yield of oil within powder is roughly 8% (in other words, every 100 mg of powder extract contains roughly 8 mg of mussel oil), then what you need to do to find the equivalent quantity in powder, is to multiply the quantity of mussel oil by a factor of 12.

Hence, if say each capsule of a particular green lipped mussel oil product contains 50 mgs, then the equivalent amount in powder is 600 mgs (50 X 12).

In simple terms, this means that you would need approximately 600 mgs of Xtend-life’s powder to equal 50 mgs of mussel oil (again, this is based on the assumption of 8% oil to powder yield).

Step 2:

In order to find the total amount of mussel oil contained in a supplement product, you should multiply the miligrams of mussel oil contained in each gel by how many are actually in the bottle.

So, in our example that each capsule of our oil product has50 mgs of mussel oil and say there are 50 gels per container bottle, then the total would be 2500 mgs:

50 mgs X 50 capsules = 2500 mgs per container.

Step 3:

Again, in order to find the equivalence of this amount in powder form , then the corresponding total amount of powder would be 30000 mgs:

2500 mgs X 12 = 30000 mgs of Xtend Life’s green lipped mussel powder.

Now, each capsule of the Xtend-Life supplement contains 600 mgs of mussel powder and there are 120 capsules per bottle. So, if we want to calculate the aggregate amount of powder within each bottle, then this would amount to:

600 mgs of mussel powder X 120 capsules = 72000 mgs.

As you can understand, these two numbers (30000 mgs in the case of a typical mussel oil product and 72000 mgs in the case of the Xtend-Life product), give you a benchmark when you want to estimate the amount of benefit that you get when comparing the two products head to head.

My conclusion about this little exercise that I did with you, is that, when faced with the option of buying either the one or the other type of green lipped mussel capsules, you should never be misled by the sticker price, always perform an analysis that will allow you to measure the true benefit that you get in each case, against what you are paying for it.

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