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Green Lipped Mussel Extract For Dogs

Green lipped mussel extract for dogs

green lipped mussel extract for dogsThis is indeed a sad truth; just like humans, our beloved pet dogs can also fall victim to debilitating and chronic medical conditions like arthritis. When this happens, then you are faced with two options: Either you will start putting your dog on a pharmaceutical treatment, or go for a more natural treatment. If you opt for the second choice, then I suggest you try a green lipped mussel extract for dogs.

In the past, what vets used to prescribe to fight your pet’s arthritis was one of the NSAIDs (this stands for Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs). Two of the most common examples of these are ibuprofen or aspirin. While the truth is that in the short term these might prove effective in easing your pet’s pain by reducing the inflammation on the joints, this treatment might also have detrimental long term effects on your dog’s health. These are serious side effects ranging from stomach indigestion, liver and kidney failures or even deaths in more severe cases.

As a natural consequence, these disturbing facts pushed a lot of concerned dog pet owners into searching for a natural alternative. In order for this natural alternative to be preferred over the other one, it had to be effective at combating the pain and discomfort but at the same time it shouldn’t incur any serious side effects.

One of the solutions that many prefer is green lipped mussel extract for dogs. The amazing health benefits from the consumption of green lipped mussel supplements are not only enhancing the health of humans but also the health of animals as well.

This fact is backed by robust medical evidence. Dogs with arthritis were treated with green lipped mussel powder over a period of six weeks and the results were astounding, especially for dogs who exhibited mild to moderate arthritis symptoms. And the good news is that none of the dogs showed any sighs of side effects that are usually manifested when treated with drugs.

One important point to remember, however, is that when you start your dog’s treatment on green lipped extract, you should exercise patience! It takes some time for the improvement to start to become apparent. Usually, after one month’s treatment your dog will start to show distinct signs of improvement; such as improvement in appetite and mobility.

Green Lipped Mussel to the rescue?

Now, let me tell you a little bit more about the green lipped mussels and give you a little bit of scientific background why it works:

As you probably know, these shellfish are grown only off the shores of New Zealand. Their amazing health properties were discovered relatively recently, after the medical community was astounded by the fact that the indigenous people of New Zealand, called Maoris, showed, when compared to the rest of population on a worldwide scale, signs of unusual agility and lack of arthritis symptoms whatsoever, even in advanced age. And this phenomenon was attributed to their nutrition which consisted mainly from green lipped mussels.

Further scientific tests revealed that the reason why green lipped mussels are so beneficial, is because they are very rich in a variety of health enhancing compounds such as proteins, lipids and most importantly they contain omega 3 essential fatty acids and mucopolysacharides, which play a significant role in delaying the aging process and are responsible for the smooth functioning of all the biological processes at a cellular level.

Now, once you are convinced that you should give a green lipped mussel extract for dogs a try, then the next step to take is to select the brand product that is the most ideal for your dog. To become better informed about your options, you can visit my green lipped mussel supplement brand comparison page.

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