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Green Lipped Mussel Reviews

Keeping it Real with Green Lipped Mussel Reviews

green lipped mussel reviews

If you are searching high and low on the World Wide Web for green lipped mussel reviews, the chances are that you or someone you care about is suffering from arthritis or some affliction connected to inflammation. Inflammation of the joints can be a debilitating condition. It can affect mobility, be a cause of constant pain, and this can even lead to depression and withdrawal in even sufferers with moderate cases.

The good news is you are definitely on the right track by getting yourself all the information and feedback regarding the use of this shellfish for medicinal uses.  But take note: not all reviews are really that credible.

In fact – the chances are that there will be some new upstart manufacturer of the green lipped mussel supplement that needs some buzz regarding their product. Some of these unscrupulous marketers may even plant some positive reviews of their product and showcase them to web readers who are easily gullible and believe anything they read online.

The key for you to not get duped by these green lipped mussel reviews, is to be in the know of the history of the product.

Here are some important points to be aware of in the health promotion industry:

If the product has just been introduced to the market and it has already garnered a lot of reviews of alleged real life users of the product, these people may have written authentic reviews of the product, but they may have been part of a focus group or sample market for the product.

After all, it takes only common sense to realize that a product that has only been on the market for a few months and already has so many reviews would mean two things: Either these users really did use the product, but may have done so under sanctioned use, tainting their objectivity, or worse, they might just have been paid off by the manufacturer to write something good about the product.

Thus, reviews would only be reliable if the product has been on the market for at least more than three months of world wide release.

Another thing to watch out for these green lipped mussel reviews is the objectivity of the reviewer’s tone.  Even the most effective product must be reviewed in such a way that all the raves and positive comments should be grounded on facts and factual results.

If all you read is just “this product is really good” or “this green lipped mussel supplement really got rid of my arthritis” without really giving sufficient reasons to back them up, the review tends to sound like a bunch of fluff put together and most certainly would be commissioned by the manufacturer.

For example, when you are looking for a review of green lipped mussel supplements like XtendLife’s Green Lipped Mussel Powder – the product we personally use, look for things that would make you believe that the reviewer really knows what he or she is talking about.

If the review is positive, then there has to be something that makes XtendLife’s product a cut above the rest (hint: it’s the manufacturer’s very efficient manufacturing process).

We wish you the best of luck on finding the right green lipped mussel reviews because getting one that educates you on the benefits on this wonder food from the sea will really give you your money’s worth should you eventually decide to buy the positively reviewed product.

Are you Looking for Objective Reviews, with Substantial Evidence?

Saying that a product may be dangerous because it contains some chemicals more suited to medication for mental disorder, rather than joint pain, is a fairly bold claim to make. However if you read a review where this has been indicated, and then it is explained why, with indications of the exact ingredients, then you know that you’re dealing with a reviewer that you can trust.

Reviewers don’t always have to like a product, but they do always have to give the reasons for their conclusions. You can spot a hyped review because it will typically offer no alternatives. For example, you do a quick search online for a review of a particular Green Lipped Mussel extract, and find one that looks promising. Next you go searching for reviews of the product. You come across some user reviews, which while they offer some real customer insight, they rarely use facts and detailed analysis.

Next you look for professional reviews on Green Lipped Mussel review sites. You come across one that is reviewing one product, but spends 90% of the review talking about something else. This is an immediate warning sign. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a reviewer favoring a particular product, but they need to tell you why. That doesn’t mean pointing out only the positives of their preferred product, but it means going in depth into the positives, flaws, and neutral considerations for ALL of the products that are reviewed. If a reviewer is not doing this, then you simply can’t trust that you’re reading an objective review.

Is it Better to Look for Reviews that Follow a System?

The best GLM extract review will follow a system that is easy to follow, and relatively uniform throughout each review. It is better to look for these kinds of reviews because as you browse through different products, you will be able to make comparisons with the reviews that you’ve already read.

A good system will include most of the following;

  • Company Information – If the company is new, or relatively unknown, then the reviewer should take the time to provide information about the company. This could include where they are based, what other products they produce, and the general reputation of the company.
  • General information on the extract – After a single review, you will already be familiar with most of the benefits that can be provided by GLM. This doesn’t mean that reviews should neglect to inform readers about these benefits, especially as they relate to a particular product. Remember that if you were reading your very first GLM review, you would want to know as much about the benefits as possible.
  • Benefits and negatives of the extract being reviewed – This information will be one of the most important aspects of any review. Benefits should be detailed, while negatives should provide as much information as possible about why the reviewer came to a particular conclusion.
  • Consumer reviews – Where available, a professional review will talk about the consumer reactions to a particular product. Keep in mind that this information is not always available, in which case you will need to rely on the reviewer’s own research.
  • Price and value – Price and value aren’t the same thing. An expensive product may come with benefits like increased tablet count, or other bonus offers. Inexpensive pills may have low potency, or high shipping costs. Look for the opinion that balances the cost to value, and puts it into perspective.
  • Manufacturing – This information is not always available, but the best GLM extract manufacturers will always provide details about how the extract is obtained and processed into the final product. The best GLM extracts are made near the source in New Zealand, and are in powder form.
  • Comparisons – The reviewer should be able to tell you if there is a better product available, and why. Make sure the information is fair, and that it takes into account all of the benefits and negatives of the reviewed supplement, as well as the one being offered as an alternative.

Is it Hard to Find Quality Green Mussel Extract Reviews?

Finding reviews online is not difficult. In addition to our own in depth reviews, there is plenty of information online that discusses the best, and worst, of all of the products that are available on the market.

If you want a detailed buyer’s guide on what to look out for – be sure to check out the detailed report over at Xtend-life. We highly recommend this for your education and after you are finished, you will know what separates the hyped up products from the cream of the crop in the industry

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