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Green Lipped Mussel Supplement: An Evaluation

How you can benefit from green lipped mussel supplements

green lipped mussel supplementVarious green lipped mussel supplement products are currently available in the market. However, there are some that may provide more benefits than others, mainly because of the way they were produced and extracted. In here, I will discuss various factors that consumers should consider before deciding on what brand of supplement they should purchase.

What Green Lipped Mussel Supplement Can Do

Nutritional supplements made from the extract of greenshell mussels or Perna canaliculus are commonly used to relieve pain caused by arthritis and other joint-related problems. Studies have shown that glycosaminoglycans contained in this shellfish help repair damaged tissues in the joints. In addition, this particular mussel has the power to inhibit leukotrienes production which has been identified as a precursor of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and asthma.

Although better known as a supplement to manage arthritis, green lipped mussel products are also believed to promote skin health, strong bones and teeth, healthier circulatory and immune systems and overall human health. There have also been studies that highlighted the cancer-management potential of this mollusk. However, as we all know, not all dietary supplements are created equal despite sharing the same core ingredient.

Significance of Green Lipped Mussel Processing

Most scientific researchers agree that the process used to manufacture a greenshell mussel supplement influences its efficacy and overall quality. This is because any technical process will inevitably result in diminishing the health benefits that can be derived from raw mussels. However, there are processes that are better than others in terms of retaining the nutritional contents of the raw material.

For the most part, extraction using extreme heat and freeze-drying are more likely to result in the loss of nutrients compared with other processes. Nutritional supplements made from greenshell mussels come in various forms, including oil extracts, pills, powder and others. Among all these, a lot of researchers favor the powder form.

The main reason has a lot to do with the fact that powdered green lipped mussels have the highest level of nutrients derived from raw mussels. The process of creating powder supplements does not involve high levels of heat or freezing and requires less than an hour to complete, thereby providing better chances of nutrient retention.

Do Supplements Made from Green Lipped Mussel Have Risks?

Although reports proclaiming adverse reactions are lacking, experts still recommend utmost caution before taking any dietary supplement, including those made from mussels. For those suffering from arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, green lipped mussel products will prove to be beneficial, but a consultation with a doctor or a nutritionist is still needed.

People who have a tendency to develop hypersensitivity to unfamiliar drugs or food should also consult with a physician first before taking any supplement, especially those who have been known to react negatively to shellfish in its raw or cooked form. Pregnant women and breast feeding mothers also need to seek professional advice before taking any type of supplement.

Quality Supplements Made from Green Lipped Mussel

All in all, the process used in manufacturing the supplement, the origin of the raw material and the reputation of the manufacturer should be considered when choosing the best brand of greenshell mussel supplements. There are a lot of them available commercially, but I would say that consumers have the best option in Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel Powder.

This is because this brand of green lipped mussel supplement is in powder form and has been manufactured without freezing or cooking under extreme heat, which means that most of the nutrients from the raw shellfish had been retained by the processed product. In addition, Xtend-Life is a trusted name in the natural product market and has long been a provider of safe and effective supplements and other health-related supplies. Click here to learn more.

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