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Green Lipped Mussel Supplement Processing

Green Lipped Mussel Supplement Processing: Which Method Is the Best?

green lipped mussel supplement processing

The health benefits of green lipped mussels have been scientifically proven, so it is not surprising that several nutritional supplements based on this mollusk have come out in the market. However, despite sharing core ingredients, not all mussel supplements are equal in quality or efficacy. In here, we’re going to tell you how the green lipped mussel supplement processing method affects the quality of the end product and which method is the most ideal.

Effect of green lipped mussel processing on final product

Raw green mussel is highly nutritious, so it is logical to conclude that the processing method that maintains the nutritional profile of the raw shellfish will be the most effective. This also means that no artificial enhancers or chemicals should be added to the raw mussels.

There are two processing methods that effectively erode the nutrients of raw mussels and these are deep-freezing and using high levels of heat. Sadly, most manufacturers of this supplement make use of either or both methods to come up with their final product. There are also those that make use of stabilization, or the method of adding chemical preservatives to the shellfish prior to freeze drying it.

To gain more insight about green lipped mussel processing, watch below a video interview excerpt of the leading marine scientist John Croft.


Unique way of processing green lipped mussel supplement

The key to producing high quality and all-natural green lipped mussel supplement is not to use extreme heat, not to freeze-dry the mollusks and to avoid adding preservatives to the shellfish. As far as meeting these requirements goes, we know of only one brand.

The Xtend-Life green lipped mussel powder is manufactured using the low heat/short step process unique to Xtend-Life. The manufacturer uses low heat (as opposed to extreme heat levels) to convert the raw shellfish into powder. What’s more, the whole process takes only 30 minutes, a time that is way shorter than the length of time that it takes other brands to manufacture their own supplements. The process used by Xtend-Life also eschews the use of stabilization or the addition of preservatives, which keeps the end product as natural and as fresh as it should be.


How Xtend-Life stack up against other brands

Having a unique method of processing green lipped mussel supplement is not enough; there should also be advantages to having a unique procedure. In the case of Xtend-Life, all its advantages over other green lipped mussel supplements are due to its method of processing.

First, the use of low heat ensures that the product has the lowest oxidation value, which means that the nutrients from the raw mollusks are retained in the final supplement. Second, the half-hour that it takes to convert the raw shellfish into a powder supplement is the shortest processing time possible, which means that exposure to outside factors and the chances of degrading the nutrients of the raw material are minimized. Third, the final product is all natural, owing to the absence of artificial additives and other chemicals.

Manufacturers of green lipped mussel supplements may claim that they have the purest and best quality supplement in the market, but the fact is, it all comes down to the process used in producing the end product. They may all look similar, but consumers should educate themselves on how manufacturers came up with the final product before deciding on which brand they should go for.

To have a more complete picture of how the different green lipped mussel supplement brands stack up against each other, you may want to visit my green lipped mussel brand comparison report.

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