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Moscow Food Co-op class teaches healthy eating on budget

The Daily Evergreen - 5 hours ago
As a college student or young adult trying to make a living, eating healthy with spending limits may seem hard. Moscow Food Co-op's class series “Healthy Eating on a Budget” aims to teach...

Five steps to healthy eating at the office

Daily Sabah - 21 hours ago
Many of us work in an office, which means sitting in front of a computer from 9-to-5. A lack of movement during the day is terrible enough but when combined with an unhealthy diet, things might go...

How I Got Healthy Without #CleanEating

Refinery29 - 2 hours ago
In her book, she draws parallels between a rise in orthorexia nervosa — which is defined as an unhealthy obsession with otherwise healthy eating — and the explosion of clean eating. The...

Rich and heavy French beef stew actually made healthier

Washington Post - 19 minutes ago
So, dare I make a healthy version of a dish that celebrates my (Marseille-born) husband's heritage, especially given he grew up eating a truly-perfect version of stew made by his mom? I treaded...

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