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Hip Joint Pain Treatment

Hip Joint Pain Treatment: What You Need to Know to Address the Problem

There are certain hip joint pain treatment methods, but before you can find the right one, the reason behind the pain should be determined first. The first step to take once you felt pain in your hip area is to consult a doctor. The pain may be due to an injury or trauma or may be a symptom of a more serious condition.

Possible reasons behind the pain

One of the main causes of joint pain in the hips is trauma. Another is inflammation. Strains, bruises, sprains, ligament injuries and overuse injuries can also cause pain in that area. In some cases, the pain may be a symptom of another condition, such as arthritis, sickle cell disease, bacterial infection, Lyme disease or hernia.

What is important is to determine the reason behind the pain first, before a treatment can be explored or recommended. And people should take note that such pain is not exclusive to older people, as some may initially believe. Even children and young adults can suffer from this type of discomfort.

When to consult a doctor

If the pain continues even after you have rested and eased pressure on your hip, you should immediately consult a doctor to find out what the reason really is. Limping and difficulty or experiencing pain when sitting or standing up may also be signs that there is something not right about your hip joint. Pain treatment is often the first course of action, while finding a solution to the underlying condition, if there is one, will come right after.

Treatment options

Most of the time, if the pain is just due to fatigue or strain or a minor injury, the doctor may recommend taking an over-the-counter pain killer or icing the sore area. However, if the pain persists, an X-ray may be required to find out if something is broken. Bone scans are also often required to determine whether there is inflammation.

The treatment that will be recommended will, of course, depend on the actual condition that is causing the pain. If you are suffering from this type of pain, do not take too long before you visit a physician to have your condition diagnosed. However, just because you are not feeling any pain yet does not mean that you should not take precautions to keep your hip joints, and all the bones in your body, healthy.

Maintaining strong and healthy bones

The key to protecting yourself from potential bone-related problems is to keep your bones and your whole body healthy. Regular exercise is important, and so is eating healthy foods. Making sure that you rest your body and eases pressure from the hip area when you feel any tightness is also important.

You can also get a lot of help from nutritional supplements. The main aim here is to keep the bones strong before you experience any pain. Prevention is always important, particularly when we start to get older or if we are living a sedentary life. The right diet, the right amount of exercise, relaxation and nutritional supplements are just some of the ways we can get stronger bones.

There is one dietary supplement that you can try and that is Xtend-Life’s Green Lipped Mussel Powder. This product is specifically formulated to address joint pains and to reduce inflammation, particularly those caused by arthritis. However, it is not just for addressing already existing pain, it is also a long-term health product which can help strengthen your bones and your whole body.

The omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, complex carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins contained in the GLM supplement can help promote healthy bones and teeth, keep your skin looking healthy and keep your circulation and immune systems in solid condition. It is a supplement that can help relieve hip joint pain. Treatment methods for underlying conditions however, should be thoroughly discussed with a doctor.

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