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How weather can cause joint pain

Causes of Joint Pain: Weather, Lifestyle and Certain Illnesses

Certain diseases or an unhealthy lifestyle may be the cause of your joint pain. Weather may also be part of it. Some of you may find it hard to believe, but weather does affect our joints. Here are some explanations as to how and why.

Weather changes

First, let us clarify; weather itself is not the cause of joint pain. It can trigger joint pain, particularly cold weather, but it is not the outright cause. Some people report feeling stiffness and aches in their joints when the weather gets colder. It is quite natural, particularly among the elderly.

This is because as we grow older, the cartilage that cushions our joints and protects our bones become thinner and our body’s ability to grow this cartilage diminishes. A bit of stretch exercise and flexing will help relieve that stiffness. That is, if it is just your regular type of joint stiffness.

This is a video where a Dr Plas James gives a reason why your joints ache in cold weather.


Other possible reasons

Another clarification that we should make is that, when you are young, aches in the joints when the weather starts to grow colder is not an outright sign that you are going to eventually develop arthritis or other bone-related diseases. You may or may not. It has got nothing to do with the weather. You probably have just been sitting too long in the same position.

However, there may be an underlying condition that is causing your joint pain. Weather is just a factor that triggers it, but there is a possibility that there is an underlying problem. The first thing you should do when you regularly feel pain and stiffness during the colder months is to seek the opinion of a doctor. He can help determine whether what you are experiencing is just a minor twinge or a serious problem.

Arthritis, lifestyles and your joints

Pain in the joint can be a symptom of arthritis, Lyme disease and other health problems that require professional medical attention. Getting diagnosed is the first step to taking care of this problem. Making adjustments to your lifestyle is another. Even when you are not suffering from any pain and even if you are still young, leading a healthy lifestyle is always a good way to keep your bones and your whole body healthy.

Regular exercise is needed. Proper diet with lots of vegetables, fruits and omega-3 fatty acids is also a must. Getting enough rest is another requirement. Staying away from tobacco and cigarettes and avoiding excessive consumption of alcohol are also important. And so is learning to relax. These are the basic things that can help you build the strength of your bones and keep them protected from potential problems in the years to come.

Taking nutritional supplements, formulated to promote healthy bones, is also a great option. One product that you can check out is Green Lipped Mussel Powder from Xtend-Life. It is not only recommended to people suffering from joint pain due to arthritis and other diseases, it is also meant to strengthen your bones and keep them healthy even when you are not experiencing pain.

This may also help prevent the occasional joint pain, weather related or otherwise. Remember to see your doctor first though, as it is highly necessary to determine the real cause of your discomfort.

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