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Mucopolysaccharides, the glue of life

mucopolysaccharides chemical formIt is common knowledge that a good nutrition is based on vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids. However, what is not so widely known is that good nutrition is also dependent on an obscure type of carbohydrate which has a long, not easily to remember name – mucopolysaccharides.

These are long, carbohydrate chains of amino sugars which are omnipresent in all tissues of organisms that consist of multiple cells. Mucopolysaccharides tend to bind to proteins or lipids, thus being crucial components of the tissue of cells. In a nutshell, you can say that these compounds are in essence responsible for the form and organization of the human biological system. They are present both at the surface as well as in the intercellular matrix of the cells, thus playing a very significant role in the sustainment of smooth functioning of the biological systems. Jargon aside, you can say they are the “glue of life”; without them all living organisms would collapse!

Are you not sure how to pronounce this long word? This is a video to help you!


Mucopolysaccharides for Good Health

Good health depends on the variety and amount of nutrients we provide for our body’s 60 trillion cells.

As you know, our health quality depends largely on both the amount as well as the variety of the nutrients that we obtain from food.

Mucopolysaccharides play a significant role in making sure that the transfer and circulation of nutrients among the cells is the optimum one. Their presence at the surface of the cells as well as their interfaces makes sure that everything useful is absorbed and transported from cell to cell, while whatever is harmful is expelled.

Mucopolysaccharides are the secret to youth

While it is true that aging is an inevitable process, we can still delay its onset through adopting sound nutritional habits and taking some simple precautionary measures.

As far as mucopolysaccharides are concerned, they tend to diminish and decay in content throughout our lives. As a matter of fact, to be exact the diminishing of these compounds does not happen late in life; suffice is to say that by the time we are ten years old we have already lost about 90% of the total quantity of mucopolysacharides that we were born with!

Where can I buy Mucopolysaccharides?

So, having said the above, it easily concluded that, in order to preserve our youth and delay the aging process, is to try to preserve the quantity and quality of mucopolysacharides in our body. How can we achieve this?

Well, there is good news about this! Based on medical evidence, the best source for these amazing compounds are green lipped mussels. These type of shellfish, in addition to all the other health enhancing ingredients that they have (essential fatty acids, lipid and proteins) they also contain mucopolysaccharides as well.

But, beware, not all green lipped mussel supplements are created equal. The brand that I personally recommend, Xtend-Life, are the only producers of green lipped mussel powder that, though their proprietary processing, ensure that all ingredients that are contained in the green lipped mussels are retained in the powder used in their supplements.

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