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Natural Remedies For Arthritis

Discover Natural Remedies For Arthritis

natural remedies for arthritisAs you probably know, arthritis is a very common disease nowadays. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that there are now over 40 million Americans who suffer from arthritis symptoms, from mild to severe, and this is number is expected to rise dramatically in the next decade or so. While the most obvious choice for most of the arthritis sufferers is to seek over-the-counter medication, there are also a number of natural remedies for arthritis that one can perform:

One of these natural remedies is the consumption of raw juices, that is juices that are prepared directly from vegetables or fruit, without the addition of any other preservatives. While all kinds of juices of this type are good enough, two types that are said to be particularly effective are those that are made from green vegetables and from potatoes. As a matter of fact, you maybe surprised to know that potato juice has been known for many years now to be very effective at combating arthritic pain and discomfort.

The best way to prepare the potato juice is the following: First, you should cut the potato into thin slices. It is important when you do this not to peel off the skin, as this is a source of arthritis inhibiting ingredients itself. Then, put the skins in a glass of cold water and let them sit for a number of hours; it is best if you keep them overnight. In the morning, just drink the juice.

Another natural remedy for arthritis is to rub warm olive oil over the pain afflicted areas of your body. As you can see, this is an easy therapy to use, as olive oil is readily available in most of the households. One thing you should be careful however when using this therapy is to make sure that the olive oil is not too hot, as it can easily inflict painful burns on your body! To make the oil even more effective, you can dilute it with either sage, rosemary or even garlic. One good rule of thumb to follow is to keep the 1:10 ratio, one part of the diluting component to ten parts of olive oil. When applied on the skin, you should feel the comforting relief almost immediately!

A third natural remedy for arthritis that you can implement is bathing in warm water. The temperature of the water is critical and make sure that it is warm enough; cold water can result in quite the opposite results, aggravating the pain and discomfort. To make your bathing even more effective, try adding about three to four tablespoons of Epson salt. Furthermore, to be able to start feeling relief, you should remain in the bathtub for longer than 30 minutes.

Another action you can take, is try doing some physical exercise, however, this should be carried trough in moderation and with caution. As you can realize, overexertion in all kinds of physical exercise can lead to unpleasant results, aggravating the painful situation you are already in. Always seek the advice of your physician or a trained professional to guide you in all the types of exercises you can safely undertake.

The last but not least natural remedy for arthritis that I want like to mention, is the inclusion of omega 3 essential fatty acids in your every diet. Through intensive medical research, it has been established beyond a shadow of a doubt that omega 3s are very crucial for maintenance of optimum health, for a multitude of reasons that are too many to include in this article. Suffice to say is that these amazing substances are also very beneficial at fighting the painful symptoms of arthritis, by reducing the inflammation in your body; the main culprit for creating these symptoms in the first place.

Now, the reason why these acids are called essential is because they are not produced by our bodies, so we are dependent on our diet habits to make sure we get enough quantities of them. These are mostly found in certain fish species, but we can alternatively take them from supplements that are commercially available in drug and health stores.

One type of these supplements that, in addition to omega 3 essential acids, have a host of other health enhancing ingredients are those which are based on green lipped mussels, a type of shellfish grown and harvested in New Zealand.

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