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Natural Supplements for Inflammation

Which Natural Supplements for Inflammation Provide the Best Results?

natural supplements for inflammationThere are a number of natural supplements for inflammation from which to choose from. However, deciding which among the many is the most effective is not an easy task. We understand the dilemma that consumers are facing, hence we offer this guideline.

Understanding inflammation

Inflammation is basically vascular tissues’ response to stimuli that are either irritants or harmful to them. It is also the body’s tendency to protect itself from harmful elements and is the first stage towards healing.

However, chronic inflammation, when left to its own devices, can lead to various serious conditions such as arthritis, asthma, hay fever and other disorders. There are also health conditions based on the inflammatory process that can cause pain and discomfort to the person suffering from them.

Managing inflammation

There are certain medications that one can take to alleviate inflammation and prevent it from getting to a more serious stage. There are also natural supplements for inflammation made from various ingredients like vegetables and fruits and foods rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

One of the more popular type of supplement designed to reduce inflammation contains green lipped mussels (GLM). GLM or Perna canaliculus is a kind of shellfish found in New Zealand waters. This mollusk has been highly touted for its effectiveness in reducing inflammation and relieving joint pains caused by arthritis.

What makes a GLM supplement effective?

Although ingesting raw green lipped mussels is the best way to acquire all the health benefits that the shellfish can provide, there is an alternative to gaining all these benefits without having to eat the mollusk raw, and that is finding a supplement that has the same level of nutritional value as the raw mussel.

Most natural supplements for inflammation made from GLM are produced by cooking or freezing, both of which can result in the loss of the most important nutrients contained in the raw shellfish. However, there are also some supplements that are able to retain the nutritional value of the raw mussel even after the final product has been produced.

Significance of extraction process used

For consumers seeking GLM-based supplements, choosing a powder green lipped mussel product will benefit them the most. It will be even better if they will choose a brand that has been processed without cooking or freezing and has been prepared at the shortest time possible. These criteria all contribute to the retention of the important nutrients contained in raw mussels. If you opt for such GLM natural supplements for inflammation, then you will get all the nutrients that this shellfish can offer, albeit without the hassle of eating it raw.

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