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New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel and Arthritis

How Green Lipped Mussels can work wonders for your Arthritis

green lipped mussel and arthritisThe New Zealand green lipped mussel has been highly touted as an effective remedy for arthritis and other inflammation-related conditions. However, there remain some questions as to how it works in terms of relieving joint pains and inflammatory illnesses. For those who are still wondering, below is a brief explanation.

Emergence of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel As Arthritis Remedy

From its name, one can deduce that this shellfish, also known as greenshell mussel and Perma canaliculus, is largely found in the country of New Zealand; although it can also be harvested from the waters of Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The belief that it can help relieve joint pains and arthritis can be traced back to the Maori people of New Zealand; most of whom are primary consumers of this particular shellfish.

Before it became of interest to scientific researchers, greenshell mussels are already a big part of Maoris’ daily diets and have been credited for making arthritis a rarity, if not an outright unheard-of condition, among the Maori people. In latter years, scientists identified the omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids contained in the shellfish as the main ingredients that help alleviate joint pains and repair joint tissues and thereby prevent arthritis and other inflammatory conditions from occurring.

The Economic Role of Green Lipped Mussel in New Zealand

Aside from its anti-inflammatory properties which scientists believe have a lot to do with the shellfish’s ability to inhibit the production of cyclo-oxygenase and leukotrienes, the mollusk is also said to be helpful in preventing heart diseases, asthma and other bone-related problems. Not to mention the fact that greenshell mussels, on their own, can be cooked in various ways to provide delicious dishes.

The health and culinary benefits of green lipped mussels encouraged widespread cultivation and production in New Zealand. The shellfish is common enough in the country, although relying mainly on natural harvest has left some periods of the year bereft of enough supplies. This led to the use of mechanized harvesting procedures to ensure year-long abundance of this much loved mollusk.

Nowadays, greenshell mussel production in New Zealand accounts for a considerable percentage of shoreline communities’ economies. Latest figures showed that the value of green mussel harvest is estimated to be more than 250 million New Zealand dollars every year. The cultivation of the mussels, which began in earnest in the early 1970s, brought the shellfish to the forefront of the nation’s aquaculture.

Ensuring Quality in New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Cultivation

Greenshell mussels harvested from the waters of New Zealand are considered high quality, mainly because of the strict standards that have been put in place when mussel production started becoming a major industry in the area. The waters and the greenshell mussels found in them are constantly tested for heavy metals, bacteria, biotoxins and other materials that may harm the shellfish and the waters from which it is found. Seafoods coming from the waters of New Zealand have been mostly praised for their safety and quality, with most safety procedures aimed at providing the best local and export produce.

Assessing New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel As a Commercial Supplement

With these quality standards in place, most manufacturers of nutritional supplements that make use of greenshell mussels as their primary ingredients look to New Zealand for supplies. One such is Xtend-Life, which manufactures the Xtend-Life Green Mussel Powder which is commercially available for relieving joint pains and arthritis.

The product is in powder form which involves an extraction process that does not favor deep-freezing and the use of extreme heat; thereby creating a product that retains the most of the mussels’ health benefits. For those seeking relief from arthritis, this brand of New Zealand green lipped mussel is their best bet, although a consultation with a physician is still highly recommended, particularly to those who have a tendency to develop hypersensitivity to shellfish.

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