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Top Anti Inflammatory Supplements

Why Most Top Anti Inflammatory Supplements Are Made From Green Lipped Mussels

top anti inflammatory supplementsMost of the top anti inflammatory supplements in the market right now are made from green lipped mussels (GLM). This is because scientists and manufacturers alike have gotten more aware of the power of this shellfish in alleviating joint pain and in reducing inflammation. So what makes these mussels potent? Read on and find out.

What GLM is made of

Green lipped mussels are great sources of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. A study from the RMIT University in Australia has revealed that that omega-3 fatty acids contained in these mussels inhibit the activities of leukotrienes and cyclo-oxygenase. Both these materials have been found to be involved in the process that leads to inflammation.

Meanwhile, the glycosaminoglycans found in the shellfish are believed to have the capability to repair damage in the joint tissues. In addition, the various minerals, vitamins and other nutritional elements found in the mollusk promote overall health. Some of the benefits believed to be provided by green lipped mussels are healthy skin, sound circulatory system, strong immune system, fertility, strong bones and teeth and better nerve cell functions.

Raw mussels versus supplements

Even some of the top anti inflammatory supplements made from green lipped mussels cannot compare to the potency and efficacy of the raw shellfish. Experts stated that the best way to gain all the nutritional benefits that this mussel can provide is to eat it raw. However, this is not possible for most of us, hence the emergence of various supplements made from this marine life.

There are oil extracts, powders, pills and other forms of GLM supplements, but studies have shown that those products prepared without the use of extreme heat or without undergoing freezing are the best ones since these are the most likely to have retained the nutritional value of the raw shellfish.

Before supplements came into the market

Long before tablets and gels and powders made from green lipped mussels came into the market, the power of GLM as an arthritic pain reliever and a supporter of bone and joint development is already known to the Maori people of New Zealand.

Even before the market got flooded with GLM supplements, the Maoris have prided themselves with having strong bones and being free from arthritis and other joint-related conditions. Most of them attribute these gifts to their diet which is laden with green lipped mussels.

Some might claim that their products are the top anti inflammatory supplements, but consumers should be aware that not all these claims are valid. GLM supplements prepared without cooking or freezing are still their best options, given that these types are the most likely to have kept the nutritional value found in raw green lipped mussels.

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