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Why GLM is the best anti inflammatory supplement

Proof that Green Lipped Mussel Is the Best Anti Inflammatory Supplement

best anti inflammatory supplementA number of studies have touted green lipped mussel (GLM) as the best anti inflammatory supplement there is. How so? Various reasons have been cited and all of them are supported by research studies.

Effectiveness in fighting inflammation

A study from RMIT University in Australia has revealed that the omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids found in green lipped mussels are highly effective in inhibiting the activity of leukotrienes and cyclo-oxygenase, both of which have been identified as precursors of the inflammatory process.

Several other studies from both New Zealand and Australia also claim that the glycosaminoglycans found in this shellfish have the ability to help repair damaged joint tissues and also promote stronger bones and joints. A handful of studies have been conducted which speculate that the shellfish has the potential to be part of anti-cancer treatments, although research is still ongoing concerning this claim.

Please watch below a video interview excerpt where the leading marine scientist John Croft talks about the the safety of green lipped mussels and the studies that the product has gone through.



Maori knowledge

For the Maoris, an indigenous group in New Zealand, the best anti inflammatory supplement available to them can be found in the waters of their country. Maoris claim that the reason they do not suffer from arthritis and other joint-related conditions is because green lipped mussels are a huge part of their daily diet.

This is a common knowledge among this indigenous people and studies conducted through the years have supported this long-time belief. GLM is also found to be effective in promoting overall health and can even help improve the condition of the skin, the circulatory and immune systems, human fertility and provide strong bones and teeth.

Are there adverse effects?

Although minor, there are still some adverse effects from taking green lipped mussel supplements that one should have in mind. Even the best anti inflammatory supplement should be taken with care, particularly by those who have a tendency to develop hypersensitivity to unfamiliar foods and supplements. Women who are pregnant and those who are breast feeding should also consult their physicians first before taking on a new type of vitamin, food or supplement.

The safety and efficacy of green lipped mussels have also been found to work on dogs. Like humans, dogs also suffer from arthritis and joint pains brought on by age and sometimes, by gaining too much weight. This type of supplement has been used in addressing such problems in dogs and has proven to be both effective and safe.

Green lipped mussel products are considered the best anti inflammatory supplement available in the market today. Before you purchase a bottle though, make sure that you do not have allergies and do consult your doctors if you are taking certain medications just to make sure that drug reaction will not be a problem.

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