A Blackmores Green Lipped Mussel Supplement Review

A Blackmores Green Lipped Mussel Supplement Review

blackmores green lipped mussel supplement

Blackmores is an Australian firm specializing in natural health products. If you’re looking for a green lipped mussel supplement though, the brand does not produce its own, but does sell a few manufactured by other brands.

When considering whether these products are going to work for you, and provide you with all of the health benefits of GLM, you will need to consider a number of factors including the way the supplements are manufactured, and the ingredients that they contain.

Let’s get started by taking a look at a Blackmores green lipped mussel supplement review.

Company Profile

Blackmores’ main office is located in New South Wales, but it also has units in Hong Kong, the UK, New Zealand and several other Asian countries like Malaysia and Singapore. The firm has been listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since 1985 and has built a reputation as a reliable provider of natural supplements and other health products.

The company markets several nutritional supplements manufactured by various brands that are meant as anti-inflammatory aids or products for relieving joint pains, including Lyprinol. It also has other anti-inflammatory supplements such as Fish Oil 1000, Flaxseed Oil and Odourless Fish Oil 1000 among others.

Searching for a Product that Offers More

These supplements have a specific function, that of providing anti-inflammatory benefits. However, if you’re looking for a product that can help reduce inflammation, relieve pain caused by arthritis and something more, it would be better to opt for supplements that contain green lipped mussels (GLM).

GLM is a shellfish native in New Zealand which contains glycosaminoglycans, omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals. It helps promote bone strength, provides relief from joint and arthritic pain and helps alleviate inflammation. It is also good for the circulatory, nervous and immune systems and helps skin stay healthy. It can even help improve fertility.

What can Blackmores Lyprinol Offer You?

Blackmores Lyprinol is a green lipped mussel extract that comes in the form of an oil based gel capsule. If the Lyprinol name sounds familiar to you, that’s because the company also markets their product internationally. The Blackmores supplement is the same product.

When considering the benefits and disadvantages of Blackmores Lyprinol, we first need to consider how the product is manufactured. Being an oil based product, the raw green mussel needs to undergo significant processing before it is ready to be manufactured into supplement form. Throughout this process, some of the nutrients of the green lipped mussel are lost.

The number one benefit of Lyprinol is the anti-inflammatory property. Reducing inflammation will benefit a number of health conditions that range from asthma, to other respiratory problems, as well as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. The benefits have been proven in humans and other animals, and many consumers purchase green lipped mussel extract for dogs and cats. They are especially effective on older animals who suffer from arthritis at old age. Some consumer reviews provide feedback indicating that GLM extract can significantly improve mobility in dogs who are over 15 years of age.

Blackmores supplement has the potential to provide all of these benefits, but there are some additional benefits of GLM that will be missing, due to the way that the extract is produced. A completely pure form of the extract will provide increased skin health, a better immune system, and a general increased sense of wellbeing. Various types of inflammation pain will be greatly alleviated, and users who are sensitive to typical NSAIDs may find GLM to be a better alternative.

The Lyprinol marketed by Blackmores is mixed with olive oil to increase digestibility. Olive oil does provide some health benefits but the interaction with GLM oil extract is unknown, and while there are no safety concerns, it may further reduce the potency of the product.

Blackmores GLM supplement is derived from fresh New Zealand mussels that are farmed in accordance with strict regulations, which conform to USFDA, NZFSA, and EU standards. The mussels are harvested using sustainable methods, in waters that are isolated from populated areas and industry.

Are There Positive Consumer Reviews for This Product?

Blackmores Lyprinol, and Lyprinol in general, has positive consumer reviews online. Most of the reviews found on the leading retailer websites relate to the anti-inflammatory benefits of the extract.

Consumers who were suffering from pain related to arthritis or injury, found the GLM extract to be effective with no side effects. However, 11% of online reviews on the same retailer found the product to be ineffective for arthritis related pain. Although it cannot be confirmed, it is possible that this is a user suffering from a more chronic form of arthritic pain, which would not be heavily impacted by a product that was processed in a way that doesn’t retain the full potency of the green lipped mussel.

Why are Powder GLM Supplements More Effective?

To get all these benefits (short of consuming mussels raw); the best option is to look for a green lipped mussel powder supplement. Why powder, you might ask? Because unlike oil, making powdered GLM does not require the use of high levels of heat and does not involve freezing and cooking; all of which degrade the nutrients that raw mussels can offer.

Moreover, making powdered supplement can take as short a time as 30 minutes, which further enhances the chances of retaining the nutritional value of the raw shellfish. Among several powdered GLM products that are in the market, we found that Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel Powder is the one that satisfies all these parameters.

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Blackmores Green Lipped Mussel Supplement
Blackmores Green Lipped Mussel Supplement

So, is There a Better Alternative?

Xtend-Life’s GLM product is in powder form, has been manufactured without freezing or cooking and is processed at the shortest time possible – 30 minutes to be exact. It is also made from green lipped mussels found in the pristine waters of Marlborough Sound in New Zealand. The product only retails for a little over $30, which is far more affordable than fish and flaxseed oil supplements.

Xtend-Life uses mussels that come from the same region of New Zealand as the Blackmores supplement, so you still receive the advantage of a highly regulated and safe raw material source. Xtend-Life GLM is manufactured closer to the source, however, which means that there is even less time for the nutrients and benefits of the mussel to be degraded.

Xtend-Life offers exceptional value to consumers, which is why it is our most recommended GLM product. Besides a competitive price point, the company also offers free shipping on orders that are over $60. They also have a compelling membership program which offers discounted rates to consumers, as well as a special cashback offer on purchases. The combination of potency and value makes Xtend-Life GLM powder a product that is easy to recommend.

Blackmores is affordable and the majority of consumers find it to be affective as an anti-inflammatory pain reliever.

Although Blackmores offer some of the most varied anti-inflammatory nutritional supplements in the market, it would still be better to look for a product that is more than an anti-inflammatory supplement, especially one that offers overall GLM nutritional benefits. And for this, we feel that the Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel supplement will be worth your time and attention, especially considering its high potency and superior value.

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