A Moxxor Green Lipped Mussel Supplement Review

Moxxor: Green Lipped Mussel Supplement Review

moxxor green lipped mussel supplementFinding the best Green Lipped Mussel supplement requires that you investigate all of the available options, and take into account the factors that determine whether the product is both potent and effective.

This Moxxor Green Lipped Mussel supplement review focuses on a brand that is well known to those who regularly purchase natural supplements. However, a brand name does not immediately guarantee that a product is safe and effective, and for that we will need to take an in depth look at the Moxxor GLM supplement.

To call it a green lipped mussel (GLM) supplement is not really apt since GLM is only a third of the major ingredients contained in this product. It is marketed as an overall nutritional supplement that also contains kiwifruit seed oil and extract of Sauvignon Blanc grape seed husk.

From these three ingredients, the focus is the extraction of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E and other nutrients, such as Folate, Sitosterol, Lutien and Zeaxanthin. In deriving the omega-3 from the GLM, the processes of freeze drying and stabilization are used.

Is It Effective Against Arthritis and Joint Pains?

Moxxor is touted as an effective anti-inflammatory supplement; and since arthritis is one of the conditions related to inflammation, then it can be said that it has merits in terms of relieving arthritic or joint pains.

However, we still believe that the best anti-inflammatory and arthritic pain reliever supplements out there are those that have GLM as its sole primary ingredient. After all, this New Zealand-native shellfish has all the necessary nutrients that can provide relief from inflammation and also offer other health benefits all in one package.

What do Users Say about Moxxor?

It is interesting to note, that Moxxor is being purchased both for human use, as well as animal use. Although this product is not recommended by veterinarians, some pet owners have claimed to have found success by administering doses of the supplement to animals that suffer from age related degenerative conditions.

One Amazon reviewer administered doses to a 20 year old domestic cat, which was suffering from mild arthritis (expected in a cat of such an age). Anecdotal evidence from the user points to increased mobility, and movements that were less stiff. The user also noticed that the cat was able to jump again, something it had apparently not been able to do for some time.

Reviews for human use have been less conclusive. Many of the online user reviews point to possible improvements in arthritic pain, but the results are unconfirmed. A lack of significant online reviews may be due to the mild popularity of the product, or at worst, it could indicate that customer reactions to the product are not overwhelmingly positive.

As mentioned in our review, the potency of the Green Lipped Mussel extract contained in Moxxor is not as high as some products with higher purity. Extracts intended for human use are sometimes more effective on animals because of the size of the animal, and the way that they metabolize the ingredients. Because we know that Moxxor may be only as much as 10% as potent as the most effective GLM extract, we can conclude that the recommended dosage may not be sufficient for immediately recognizable effects in human users.

Is this a True GLM Supplement? Or a Multivitamin?

Because the Moxxor GLM based product is actually a combination of three key ingredients, it could be considered as a multivitamin health supplement. As mentioned, the purest Green Lipped Mussel extracts contain only the extract itself, without additional ingredients. Moxxor has added the other two ingredients, the kiwifruit seed oil and grape seed husks, in an effort to make the Moxxor a more rounded product that will appeal to more users.

This could be seen as both a benefit and a disadvantage. The benefit is that you may receive more overall health benefits from a single tablet, but the disadvantage is that each of these are reduced in potency when compared to using any of them individually.

There is also some concern towards the interaction of the ingredients with each other. Although New Zealand Green Lipped Muscle oil and powder has been extensively researched to identify positive effects and adverse side effects, there are no major peer reviewed or sponsored studies that provide research on the Moxxor product.

How Does Processing Affect the Outcome?

You might say that since Moxxor contains GLM, then it should also be considered as a top notch anti-inflammatory supplement. We’re sure that it does help relieve inflammation, but the process by which green lipped mussels were processed to create the end product led us to conclude that a lot of the nutrients contained in the raw mussel were lost once the final product was produced.

In extracting nutrients from GLM, freezing and cooking are processes that can degrade nutritional content. This means that converting the raw mussel into supplements using these two procedures will inevitably result in the loss of most of its potency. In Moxxor, since the mussels were freeze-dried, only about 10% of their nutrients were likely to have survived in the final product.

Is this an Affordable Supplement?

The Moxxor Ultimate All Natural Omega-3 and Antioxidant Concentrate retails for about $60 from online sources. Prices in local supplement and health stores may vary. The standard package includes 60 capsules, which means that Moxxor is more expensive than most of the competition. The added price can be attributed to the production cost of the capsule, considering that it includes two other key ingredients.

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Moxxor Green Lipped Mussel Supplement
Moxxor Green Lipped Mussel Supplement
Moxxor Green Lipped Mussel Supplement

Relieving Arthritic Pain and Inflammation the Best Way

This is not to say that the overall health benefits that Moxxor can provide should be downplayed, the product does have a lot of health benefits. But if you are suffering from joint pains and arthritis, it would be better to opt for a product that has retained most of the nutritional contents of the green lipped mussel from which it was made from.

And for this, your best bet is Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel Powder supplement. This has been processed without the use of high levels of heat and without deep freezing, which means that all the nutrients of the raw shellfish have been retained.

Moxxor is a good nutritional supplement, but Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel Powder is a better anti-arthritic pain and anti-inflammatory supplement. It is also a better overall nutritional product since the nutritional benefits of GLM have not been diluted by other ingredients.

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  1. dr. Tina Stulz

    Thank you for this information.
    I first was “overwhelmed” or better “intrigued” by Moxxor and was just going to order some bottles.
    But you made me to think it over. Especially the “only” 10% green mussels left after cooking and drying.

    Is there a possibility to buy Xtend-Life Green Mussel Powder in Germany/Berlin?
    Tina Stulz (Dr.)

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