A Seatone Green Lipped Mussel Supplement Review

A Seatone Green Lipped Mussel Supplement Review

seatone green lipped mussel supplement

Finding the right nutritional supplements is important to ensure that you get the best benefits from any of the products that you choose. Green Lipped Mussel powder supplements are numerous on the market, but not every product is created equally. Everything from the source of the mussels, to the production methods, can have a direct impact on how effective the product is, and how beneficial it is going to be to your health.

If you are looking for a nutritional supplement that can help alleviate joint pain, this Seatone green lipped mussel supplement review will provide you with information, not only about this particular product, but also about other options that you might want to explore.

What Packages are the Seatone Green Lipped Mussel Extracts Available In?

When you purchase supplements, it is important that there are plenty of options available to you. Depending on your body weight, or the severity of your ailments, you may want to purchase a heavier or lighter dosage. Alternatively, if you’re looking for the best joint supplement for dogs or other animals, then you may feel safer using a tablet with a lower concentration.

The Seatone GLM supplement comes in various forms – there are 500 mg capsules and 350 mg capsules under the Seatone Original pack and there is also the Seatone with Omega 3. The product is derived from New Zealand green lipped mussels, but it is important to note that the mussels used are not fresh when they are processed into powder form.

Instead, the Seatone Green Lipped Mussel products are manufactured using a freeze drying process and the resulting powder is then encapsulated in gelatin capsules. Seatone GLM supplement is marketed as a product that aids in maintaining joint mobility and also helps in protecting the cartilage.

What we like About Seatone Products

Seatone is a reliable name in the nutritional supplement industry. The raw mussels used in manufacturing this brand’s supplement came from the pure waters of New Zealand which are considered the best sources of fresh and safe GLM. The price is just right and is even lower compared with similar products.

On the company’s web site, instructions are provided on how to take the supplement and warnings are offered as to who can and cannot take the supplement. Safety information is detailed enough to put consumers’ minds at ease and details of the manufacturing process used are also provided.

Areas that these Products Could Improve On

There has been some feedback given from those who have tried the product, especially about the strong smell of the supplement. Seatone has explained that the smell is mainly due to the strong natural odor of the raw mussel, but this small matter may prove to be enough of a barrier to those who are considering using the product.

There is also the matter of the processing method used in converting the raw green lipped mussel into the final product. As revealed on Seatone’s web site, following harvest, the mussels are put in cool storage, after which the liquid extract is derived. This extract then undergoes freeze drying to produce the powder that will be encapsulated within the gelatin capsules.

The problem is that, when these mussels are frozen or are processed using extreme heat, their nutritional value is eroded. This is arguably the primary weakness of Seatone. Since it is freeze-dried, it is inevitable that a huge part of the nutrients are lost in the process.

What is the Big Deal About Using Cooled Mussels?

You’ve learnt that nutrients are lost in the process of cooling and then freeze drying the raw materials, but what does this actually mean for the end product?

The Green Lipped Mussel is a fragile organism. Like most foods, the most obvious benefits will come when the mussel is in its raw form. This means to achieve the most potent extraction, the mussels should be processed immediately after harvesting. The most effective methods will take less than one hour to produce the extract, and this will be achieved without excessively heating or cooling the mussels.

Because these Seatone products subject the mussels to a cooling and then freeze drying process, some of the nutrients are lost. At the very least, this would mean a less potent product, but at the far extreme, it could mean a product that loses many of the benefits that are typically provided by a high quality Green Lipped Mussel powder extract.

The key benefit from Green Lipped Mussels is the anti-inflammatory properties that they provide. This is what leads to improvements in conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. However with a potent extract, the benefits are much more. Studies have shown that Green Lipped Mussel powder can help to;

  • Improve cartilage health.
  • Reduce breathing complications, such as those caused by tightness of the bronchial.
  • Reduce instances of wheezing in asthma sufferers.
  • Provide additional energy.
  • The omega acids found in Green Lipped Mussel products can improve cognitive function.

All of these benefits combined, can help users of Green Lipped Mussel extract to feel more alert and healthier. Many users report an overall stronger sense of wellbeing after taking the extract.

Unfortunately, due to the production method used to make the Seatone Green Lipped Mussel extract, the actual potency may be as low as 10% when compared to a leading brand. This means that users will receive the anti-inflammatory benefits, but may miss out on all of the other health benefits that GLM can provide.

Are Seatone Supplements Good Value for Money?

Seatone supplements are definitely affordable, but whether they represent good value, is open for debate. The problems are the ones that we’ve already mentioned in our review. A less than ideal manufacturing method leads to reduced potency in the extract. There are also issues of the odor, which is not as strong in supplements that are freshly processed. With the reduced health benefits, it feels fair that the Seatone supplements can be purchased for a reasonable price.

A 90 capsule pack of 350mg tablets can be purchased for around $20 to $35. While relatively inexpensive, we feel that the reduced potency means that these tablets aren’t particularly good value for money. At 350mg, they are also a significantly lower dosage than some of the competition.

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Seatone Green Lipped Mussel Supplement
Seatone Green Lipped Mussel Supplement
Seatone Green Lipped Mussel Supplement

Are there More Effective GLM Alternatives?

The best option that consumers have is to find a GLM supplement that was processed without cooking or freezing, and without the use of extreme heat. An evaluation of the Seatone green lipped mussel supplement showed that it is a fair product, but it is let down by the fact that it is produced using methods which are known to degrade the potency and quality of the extract. Because of this, it might be prudent to opt for Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel Powder instead.

Xtend-Life’s Green Lipped Mussel Powder is highly recommended by experts, given that it is processed without cooking or freezing and is thereby able to retain the nutrients found in raw GLM. The product also gets its core ingredients from New Zealand’s Marlborough Sound waters, which ensures the freshness and safety of the raw material and consequently, the end product. An advanced manufacturing method means that the mussels are processed close to the source, and are converted into extract form in less than 30 minutes. This means that all of the key nutrients are retained, providing for a highly potent alternative to the Seatone Green Lipped Mussel extract reviewed here.

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