My name is Nicholas Stiles, and I am the Founder and Owner of Green Lipped Mussel Benefits

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Whether you are suffering from arthritis or other adverse ailments, you can have the solidifying confidence that everything you see promoted was rigorously tested, reviewed, and proven to help remediate your symptoms in the most natural and effective way possible.

You don’t have to explain to me the realities of tender, swollen joints that make it nearly impossible to get through the day. And you don’t need to tell me how awful you feel about canceling plans because you are just in too much pain to enjoy yourself.

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Because the reality is that I am living with this condition too.

As an arthritis sufferer myself, I know how debilitating it can be to live with this condition every day. I understand how challenging it is to navigate when your body is working against you. Overall, waking up with stiff joints, soreness, and fatigued are things I am all too familiar with.

However, knowing that I was not the only one out there suffering and facing the adverse side effects of prescription drugs spearheaded my desire to seek alternative solutions. I became devoted to discovering more natural treatment options that would better my own wellbeing and help others just like me as well.

When I came across green-lipped mussel, it was a revolutionizing find that I just had to share with the rest of the world who have arthritis and other ailments.

This powerful, natural anti-inflammatory remedy has been proven through varying worldwide studies to reduce joint tenderness, stiffness, and ease pain. In some experiments, green-lipped mussel was even showcasing features that can slow down the joint deterioration process that occurs as you age.

With this exciting find, I launched my site not just to promote and advocate green-lipped mussel, but to provide you with key facts, details, and reading topics that can support you on your choices and advance your understanding on ranging health aspects.

In the end, nothing makes me happier than being able to leverage my personal experiences, background, and passion for research to deliver content that supports the mission for healthy living.

I demonstrate this ardency by providing easy to read, informative, and professionally backed data, and I strive to not only be an online resource, but a mentor and friend along the way.

Remember, you do not have to suffer or go through chronic health conditions alone, and you can always contact me any time. I made it my sole mission to improve the quality of life for others, and I look forward to building a wonderful and unified community with you.

Though I love what I do and am continuously advancing myself personally and professionally, when I am not focused on my site, you can often find me writing as a published author. In fact, I have five health-related books available now that you can find here, and I look forward to writing many more.

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