An Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel Powder Supplement Review

An Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel Powder Supplement Review

xtend-life green lipped mussel supplement

Finding the right health supplement is more than just trial and error. If you take the time to research the products that are available on the market, you will be able to effectively gauge not only the effectiveness between products, but the value or the products based on their price and the advantages that they offer.

When it comes to Green Lipped Mussel powder, no two products are the same. These extracts are produced using one of nature’s true superfoods, but not all of them follow the same production methods, which can make the difference between an expensive anti-inflammatory, and an all-around health booster that does more than just reduce inflammation in painful areas.

The Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel Powder supplement review that you are about to read will help you decide whether this particular brand is worth your time and your money. Learn all about this product and decide whether it can provide you with what you need.

What do I need to Know about Xtend-Life?

Xtend-Life is a trusted and well-known name in the nutritional supplement industry. It offers a lot of other nutritional and health products, not just green lipped mussel supplements. Among the many brands that offer GLM supplements, Xtend-Life provides the most details about its process, its sources of core materials and other information concerning its products which are all available at its web site.

The advantage of a company that provides all of this information is transparency. A company that is not afraid to offer all of the details around their manufacturing methods is one that you can trust. We have found that Xtend-Life provides more information than the average supplement company, which helps to create a good relationship between buyers and the manufacturer.

What Advantages does Xtend-Life Provide over Other Brands?

The biggest advantage of Xtend-Life over other green lipped mussel supplements is that it has been processed without cooking, freezing or using high levels of heat. The absence of these processes is beneficial because all three effectively erode the nutritional value of the raw mussel, thereby producing an end product that is less than what one can expect from the core material.

With all three nutritional-degrading processes absent from the procedure, consumers are ensured that they get all the health benefits that raw green lipped mussels can offer without having to eat the shellfish raw.

What are the Full Health Advantages of Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel Powder?

Because Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel powder is the purest form of GLM, it provides advantages that go beyond some of the less potent products on the market. It is important to understand the full range of Green Lipped Mussel benefits.

GLM is one of the purest sources of Omega fatty acids. These acids provide benefits that range from increased cognitive function, to the slowing or even halting of degenerative disorders.

One area that is receiving increased research is the effect of Green Lipped Mussel extract on Asthma. According to WebMD, early research is indicating that GLM has the ability to decrease wheezing and improve breathing in those who suffer from Asthma. This new research adds credibility to previous claims that GLM can improve breathing in those with respiratory conditions, and that bronchial tightness can be reduced by using high potency extracts.

Most accepted research shows that Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis can be alleviated with the use of a high potency extract like Xtend-Life. Pain and stiffness is reduced, due to the way that GLM acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Other benefits are increased energy due to a reduction in pain, and an overall increase in feelings of wellbeing.

Users who are suffering from conditions like arthritis may find that their quality of life is increased by taking Xtend-Life. This can be attributed to the reduction in daily pain and increased mobility, which provides a psychological as well as physiological boost.

All of these benefits are most apparent when using an extract that is processed near the source to retain the highest level of nutrients, Xtend-Life is one such extract.

Is this Extract Produced from a High Quality Mussel Source?

Xtend-Life supplement is manufactured using GLM from the pure and clean waters of the Marlborough Sound region in New Zealand. The freshest green lipped mussels can be found in this area, with GLM farmers in the region mostly known for their sustainable ways of cultivating and harvesting mussels.

Anyone purchasing this supplement can take confidence in the fact that the Green Lipped Mussel is one of the most tightly controlled shellfish species’ in the world. New Zealand producers have to adhere to strict regulations that are enforced by the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries. These regulations are in accordance with the New Zealand Food Safety Authority, EU standards, and USFDA standards. Although Green Lipped Mussel can be found all around New Zealand, the ones used for Xtend-Life that are cultivated in the pristine Marlborough region, are safe from significant human populations, industrial activity, and habitat contaminants.

The conversion of the raw mussel into the final powdered supplement also takes just 30 minutes, which means that the mussels are not exposed long to outside factors that can contribute to the degradation of their nutrients. This is a superior production method to those employed by other manufacturers who use imported, freeze dried ingredients.

Is Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel Safe for Everyone?

Since the final product was derived from a natural and fresh core ingredient, there no documented negative effects that can be reported. However, it is of course always advisable to seek the opinion of a doctor before using a new supplement, particularly for those who have a tendency to develop hypersensitivity to new foods or supplements.

Although more research is required to confirm early findings, there is some indication that the use of Green Lipped Mussel extract can impact fetal development and delay birth. Because of this, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers would also benefit from seeking the advice of their doctors.

Are Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel Powder Tablets Affordable?

Some health supplements command a premium price. You might imagine that the Xtend-life Green Lipped Mussel extracts would be expensive, considering they are high potency, and are manufactured near the source in New Zealand. The reality however, is that these tablets are affordable, and although they might cost more than some less potent products, the health advantages outweigh any additional cost.

A 120 capsule order can be purchased directly from Xtend-Life for $31.25 USD, and even with that great value, Xtend-Life has more to offer.

If your total order goes over $60, you’ll be able to take advantage of a free shipping offer. But perhaps the most compelling offer from this company, is the opportunity to sign up for an Xtend-Life Club Membership. The membership is absolutely free and you can join as soon as you place your first order with Xtend-Life. There are a number of benefits available to you when you join the program, all of which are designed to save you money, and make ordering more convenient.

After becoming a member, you will be eligible to purchase products at the official membership rate. These rates vary and apply to all of the range, not just the Xtend-Life GLM supplement. The membership is valid for 12 months, and will automatically renew each time that you make a purchase. Another bonus is that when you make your first order as a member (your second order), you will be given a special cash back offer, which is an adjusted value of your original order, with the membership discount removed. Membership discounts are typically 10%, so your cashback offer will be 10% of your original purchase. This is automatically applied to your second order.

Finally, you can take advantage of an auto-ship option. With this, Xtend-Life will keep track of your ordering patterns and automatically create an order for you when it’s time to replace your supplements. Of course your needs may change, so you are notified three days before the auto-ship would complete, so that you can change or cancel the order.

With the price, free shipping, and membership benefits, Xtend-Life GLM tablets represent the best value when compared to the competition.

What do Consumers Say?

Xtend-Life is a brand that has received plenty of accolades for their GLM tablets. The company distributes their product all around the world, which can be seen with the feedback provided on the official Xtend-Life website.

One customer, Cyril from USA, was impressed at how the products were shipped from New Zealand in less time than it takes her to get some products from within the USA.

Another indicator of a standout product, is how easily consumers would recommend the product to friends and family. A number of reviews and customer testimonials show that users wouldn’t second guess recommending the GLM powder, and other Xtend-Life products. With this much trust in the brand, you can be sure that you’re buying the best quality supplements on the market.

Is this the Green Lipped Mussel Powder for You?

Because of the quality of the raw ingredients and the soundness of the process used in making the supplement, consumers can expect to derive from this product the same benefits that they can get from raw green lipped mussels. Such benefits include relief from arthritis and joint pains, reduced inflammation, healthy skin, strong bones and teeth, healthy immune and circulatory systems, better nerve functions and even improved fertility.

Out of every product that we have reviewed, Xtend-Life provides the most potent extract, which provides all of the green lipped mussel benefits. Due to the wide range of benefits available from a pure extract, Xtend-Life also represents the best value for money.

You can choose to rely on this Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel Powder supplement review in assessing the efficacy and purity of this brand, or you can go to Xtend-Life’s web site and read all about their procedures and research studies which are all disclosed in detail there.

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  1. Barbara Pratten

    A year ago my 82 yr.old husband’s hands became
    Stiff and painful, was only able to close them halfway.
    Also he found he couldn’t raise his arms above shoulder heighth. Seemed worse in the evening. Hears about Tripernol and started taking it. After a month all of those symptoms disappeared and to this,day, a year after , have not returned.. He stopped taking it but now we are both going to start
    X-TEND powdered form for our general health. We are so grateful to Bio-MER for their incredible products and their high standards.
    We share our experience with everyone we meet.

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