Best Supplement for Joints: Green Lipped Mussel in Powder or Oil?

Best Supplement for Joints: Is It Green Lipped Mussel in Powder or in Oil Form?

best supplement for jointsThere is an ongoing debate on which is the best supplement for joints: green lipped mussel (GLM) in powder or in oil form? If you are still undecided as to which type can provide you with the most benefits, the analysis below can help.

What GLM oils provide

A green lipped mussel supplement in oil or gel form (manufacturers often encapsulate the oil in soft gels) is effective in relieving pain caused by arthritis and in reducing inflammation, which are the primary benefits that raw mussels can provide. However, raw GLM also offers a lot more than these two benefits and these extra advantages are the ones that oil-form GLM supplement is unable to provide.

This is because most of the nutritional value of raw mussels is lost in the process of extracting the mussel oil. Studies have shown that mussel oil can be the best supplement for joints, but it cannot provide the other benefits of green lipped mussels, such as healthy skin, better circulatory system, stronger immune system, higher level of fertility and better-conditioned nervous system.

Powdered GLM supplement

This is the area where powder green lipped mussel supplement takes the cake. It is not only great at relieving arthritic pain and inflammation, it also provides all the other health benefits mentioned above that mussel oils cannot give, owing mainly to the latter’s extraction process. It has been estimated that only around 10% of the potency of powdered green lipped mussel is present in the oil extract form.

Furthermore, most mussel supplements in oil form combine olive oil or grade seed oil with the GLM oil extract to produce the right amount or size of soft gel. This means that one soft gel is not necessarily purely made of GLM oil. Click here for a numerical calculation that will make things clearer for you.

Other factors that make powder GLM the best supplement for joints

Despite the fact that powdered GLM is a better form of supplement than oil, powdered green lipped mussel supplement brands still differ in the way they come up with the final product. Those that make use of cooking, extreme heat, freezing and stabilizing all tend to lose the best of the raw mussel’s nutritional value.

That is why consumers should consider only the powdered GLM supplement that does not use these procedures. Also, the shorter the time used to come up with the final product, the more potent the powdered supplement. A powdered supplement that is able to retain most of the nutritional value of the raw mussel will provide you with the best supplement for joints.

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  1. Confused
    Some sites say that unless the powder is stabilized it loses its health benefits.

    Others state that in order to ensure max health benefits the powder shouldn’t be stabilized.

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