Green lipped Mussel Anti Inflammatory Properties

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Green lipped Mussel Anti Inflammatory Properties: What you need to know

green lipped mussel anti inflammatory supplementsIt’s such a blessing for many people suffering from joint pains and arthritis to have a green lipped mussel anti inflammatory supplement that can make them feel so much better.

Nutritional supplements that contain tissue from green lipped mussels, or perna canaliculus as it is known in scientific circles, are available in a lot of countries now. Many people have attested to the effectiveness of these seashells in the regeneration of injured and arthritic joints, as well as for the relief of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

You may ask, what makes these green lipped mussels very effective and highly recommended for arthritic patients?

Inflammation is the culprit

Inflammation in parts of the body is able to be inhibited by green lipped mussels.  However, while it is true that inflammation can occur normally in a number of conditions in various body parts, chronic and extreme inflammation is not normal because it usually results in damage and pain to the body.

Unfortunately, this happens in the joints most of the time and can cause a great deal of discomfort.

These inflammations may be caused by our bodies manufacturing a number of chemical mediators. While the production of these chemicals in our bodies may be low for most of the people, the levels in people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis are quite high. This is the reason why they display the symptoms of arthritis.

Where green lipped mussel anti inflammatory supplements can help

There is a lot of evidence that points out to the relation of the production of these inflammatory mediators in our bodies and the improvement in the conditions of people suffering from diseases that involve some kind of inflammation  like asthma, arthritis, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, and Crohn’s disease.  This is where green lipped mussel supplements step in.Taking these supplements is not really said to be a sure thing to relieve you from the discomforts caused by joint pains and arthritis. However, based on evidence brought forward by a lot of users after consuming the extracts, the results have been very impressive.

Not all green lipped mussel supplements are created equal

Various suppliers of New Zealand green lipped mussels have different ways of processing their raw material.  What’s important to note is that the standards of nutritional values when getting these ingredients are not the same all throughout the industry.

What you need to make sure is that the particular product that you will be using  contains mussels that are processed exactly on the same day that they are harvested, and they do not go through any synthetic methods.  Moreover, the raw materials should be sourced directly from New Zealand, home to the most pure and pristine waters in the world.

These ocean waters are the most ideal environment for growing the best green lipped mussels known to man.  The truth is, there is currently a lot of confusion on the market because there have been an increase of manufacturers that claim to have authentic green mussel components, although in reality – they have a substandard product.

As a consumer, it is up to you to make sure that the products you buy really have a marked health effect on you.  The same is especially true when choosing a green lipped mussel supplement, where quality separates the really effective products from the wannabes.

So in conclusion, what you should be looking for are green lipped mussel anti inflammatory supplements of the best possible quality. Be sure to check out my detailed brand comparison report to know exactly what separates the best product apart.

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