green lipped mussel brand comparison

Best Green Lipped Mussel Supplement: Brand Comparison

Green Lipped Mussel Reviews: Comparing Top Brands And Selecting the Best Supplement For Your Health

green lipped mussel reviews brand comparison

Throughout the past decade, natural health supplements have become extremely popular amongst those who are looking for alternative remedies to age old health issues. Along with the vitamins and minerals that have been popular for many years, we are now seeing an emergence of new products based on exotic and previously unknown foods, plants, and organisms. Green lipped mussel extract is one such discovery.

Now that the benefits of this natural health product are becoming known, it is essential that you are able to perform green lipped mussel reviews brand comparison, so you can find  the best green lipped mussel supplement on the market that is suitable for you.

Like any health product, not all brands are equal, and the one you ultimately choose will have a direct impact on the benefits that you receive.

Where are Green Lipped Mussel Products Sourced From?

The Green Lipped Mussel, known scientifically as Perna canaliculus, is Native to New Zealand and is only found naturally in the coastal waters around New Zealand’s main islands. Cultivation and farming of the species is heavily controlled by the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries. The mussels used to produce oil are farmed in some of the strictest conditions found anywhere in the world. Water quality and farming methods are stringently monitored, with standards adhering to EU, USFDA, and NZFSA guidelines.

What are the Health Benefits of Green Lipped Mussel?

GLM nutrients have long been an important part of the diet of the indigenous New Zealand Maori. It is believed that consumption of the mollusk was integral to the low occurrence of degenerative bone and joint conditions in early Maori populations.

Today, we can associate the benefits of the New Zealand mussel to the high concentration of Omega 3, and other key nutrients. The Omega 3 fatty acids are known to reduce inflammation, and are effective against conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. With no known harmful side effects found in major studies, green lipped mussel powders and oils have been recommended to increase joint mobility while reducing pain. Protein, iron, and Glucosamine B12 are just some of the essential ingredients in the Green Lipped Mussel products.

Do Extracts Retain the Nutrients from the Green Lipped Mussel?

Whenever you are buying natural extracts as health supplements, it is important to know how the extracts were produced. The reason for this, is that different methods can affect the potency and effectiveness of the final product. The Omega acids in green lipped mussel are what provide the most benefits in extract form. There are certain processes which can reduce the potency of the nutrients as they are extracted from the raw mussel. The time it takes and the processing temperatures are of critical importance.

Temperatures that are too hot or cold will compromise the nutrients, and processes that take too long will also reduce the potency of the extract. Green Lipped Mussel benefits are best obtained from powder tablets and capsules that are produced at low temperatures, in a facility that takes less than one hour to process the raw mussels into the final product. Products like Xtend-life Green Lipped Mussel Powder are produced using a fast and highly efficient method, which means that the 600MG capsules are highly potent, without the need for synthetic fillers that reduce the effectiveness of the natural extract.

What do the Experts say about Green Lipped Mussel Powder?

Whether you’re looking for the best extract of green lipped mussel for dogs, or simply the best anti-inflammatory supplements, it is important that you look at green lipped mussel testimonials, as well as information from experts in the field of medicine.

Although many natural products will be lacking in the kind of studies that are performed by big pharmaceutical companies, there are still many well-funded studies that are used by those in the medical profession to prescribe, or give advice on certain products. Green lipped mussel supplements have existed for some time now, which has allowed for a number of manufacturers and independent testing laboratories to weigh in on the benefits of these products.

Just some of the studies performed with the mussels include a 2002 study that observed the improvement of arthritis in dogs who were fed green lipped mussels, an overall study to determine the effectiveness of the mussels on osteoarthritis, and there have been multiple studies performed which confirm the use of a stabilized GLM extract and its effect as an anti-inflammatory agent.

The various studies have led to a widely accepted view that green lipped mussel supplement is effective, especially for asthma, and multiple kinds of arthritis. However there is still the opportunity for further research, and there is no doubt that clinical trials will continue to add credibility to GLM as a treatment, and they may even lead to the discovery of new uses for the extract.

What were the Findings of our Green Lipped Mussel Reviews?

From this information, there are a number of key points that you can use to make your final decision.

  • The best extracts are produced in New Zealand.
  • Powder is the most potent Green Lipped Mussel extract.
  • Production methods are important to potency.
  • The most profound benefits come from the purest products.

Throughout our in depth product reviews, we have kept all of these points at the forefront of our evaluations. Some products deliver on most of these points, while others fail to meet the majority of them. The brands that we reviewed ranged from the widely known Lyprinol, to the premium New Zealand brand, Bio-Mer, and even the rarer brand, Blue Dragon. Price was not always a factor, and indeed, the most expensive wasn’t an indication of the best value. Before checking out our reviews in detail, have a look at these at a glance green lipped mussel oil and powder brand comparisons.

  • Lyprinol, including Blackmore’s GLM Supplement. Lyprinol is a brand name that you will come across often. It is a name with a lot of funding and marketing behind it, and the actual extract is used in other products, like those marketed by Blackmore’s. Lyprinol is safe, and we can conclude that it is relatively effective. The problem is that it is produced using oil, which includes a process known to degrade the raw extract.
  • Holland and Barret produces an extract which is popular in the UK, but not often found throughout the rest of the world. We discovered that the brand wasn’t forthcoming regarding manufacturing methods and GLM sources. The product was cheaper than most of the competition, but included significant shipping rates to drive up the price. With little information provided about the actual extract, we found it hard to be able to recommend this product with confidence.
  • Bio-Mer Tripernol is marketed as a premium product, but that doesn’t mean it is the purest. Advantages are that it comes from New Zealand and the mussels used are the freshest in the world. The bad news is that it is produced using oil, and contains additional ingredients. This ultimately reduces the purity, making it hard to justify the high price point of Bio-Mer.
  • Blue Dragon is a name that you may never have heard of. They produce GLM supplements which differ greatly to the competition. The brand uses multiple ingredients in their products, some of which could cause worry for consumers. The brand also uses freeze dried ingredients to produce their product outside of New Zealand. Both of these points made Blue Dragon one of the least favored brands in our comparisons.
  • Moxxor produced an extract that came across as more of a multivitamin than a straight GLM supplement. The manufacturing process used by this company is known to retain as little as 10% of the original potency of New Zealand mussels, so that means that this product isn’t the highest in potency. One interesting discovery was that a number of users have successfully used Moxxor to treat arthritis in their pets, meaning that this supplement might well be suited for your older feline of canine.
  • Blooms is a brand that many will be familiar with. Their extract was high potency, and comes from a trusted source. Even so, it wasn’t the perfect product. It can be hard to obtain outside of Australia and New Zealand, and the brand offers little in additional value. While this supplement is effective, we still found an even better alternative.
  • Seatone Green Lipped Mussel Extract was another brand that we found to be popular with UK consumers. Like many of the others in our reviews, it is a product with potential, that was ultimately let down by the manufacturing process. The ingredients in Seatone are subjected to temperature extremes, which is well known to degrade the final product. Interestingly, consumers have also complained about the odor of Seatone GLM supplements, which is again, likely related to the manufacturing process used.

Which Brand of Green Lipped Mussel Powder Can I Trust?

Taking all of our reviews into consideration, we found Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel Powder to be the extract which meets all of the standards which we use to identify effective GLM products. Xtend-Life GLM extract originates from hatcheries in Marlborough, New Zealand. This unspoiled location is far away from residential areas and heavy industry, allowing for mussels to grow in the purest environment. The powdering method used by Xtend-Life ensures that the extract is produced in 30 minutes, from mussel to final product. This makes their green lipped mussel powder capsules some of the most potent on the market.

Affordability is another key consideration for choosing the right product for you, but this doesn’t necessarily mean opting for the lowest price. Your product should be fair, but affordable. Xtend-Life delivers in this area, with a 120 capsule package available for $31.25. The company offers extensive benefits, including a free membership program for discounted rates after your first purchase. They even offer free shipping on combined orders over $60. You can conveniently order online, using your credit card, or PayPal account.

Finding the best GLM product will allow you to obtain the greatest benefits. Take the time to examine your options, while keeping in mind the potency, extraction and production methods, and origin of the product that you ultimately choose.

At this point of our article, we think it would be useful to watch a video that shows an overview of the production processes and the heallth protocols adhered to in the Xtend Life Company. The video tour is narrated by the founder Warren Matthews who shares some very interesting facts and figures about the supplements industry while debunking some of the popular myths that exist today:

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