Green Lipped Mussel Creams

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Benefits of Green Lipped Mussel Creams for Human Health

green lipped mussel creamsGreen lipped mussels are abundantly found in New Zealand. Because of their astounding nutritional health benefits, they have attained significant attention from researchers in the field of nutrition and medicine.

Green lipped mussels are an important source of revenue for New Zealand and they are largely cultivated at a coastal area (called Marlborough Sound), located at the northern tip of New Zealand’s south island.

Although they were first found three decades back, they have not been widely popular until the last two decades. The properties and the natural healing power were first noticed in 1986. This mussel growing industry is on its boon in New Zealand from the start of 2000. In order to retain high standards of quality, strict regulations about pollution control have been enforced in the surrounding area where they are cultivated by the government of New Zealand.

Over the years, there has been considerable research into the processing technologies that can be deployed to extract the nutrients of the green lipped mussels in such as form, as to retain their health benefits.

One of the many forms that can be packaged into, is green lipped mussel cream.

If we want to have a look at the ingredients of  green lipped mussel creams, then we will find out that they contain the best possible combination of the fatty acids and glucosamine, both having the properties of repairing the torn and injured tissues.

Glucosamine helps to strengthen the cartilage bones, while also it helps keep the joint (synovial) fluids in working conditions.

When you apply the cream on your skin, what you feel is the soothing effect for the muscles and the reduction of pain in your arthritic joints.

And watch out for this; More often than not, people who are reluctant to take any over the counter medication or who may be allergic to them, use Green lipped mussel cream as an alternative means to alleviate their aches and pains.

Another important benefit provided by green lipped mussel cream has to do with the skin and hair.

When you use a green lipped mussel cream on a systematic basis, then you will notice that your skin will feel smoother and more fresh.The cream can also do wonders in terms of healing damage to your skin through the effects of aging and makes it more attractive and youthful looking. The cream also works at a cellular level to repair damage to your nails and skin scars.

In addition to cream form, you can also find the amazing nutrients of green lipped mussel contained in dietary supplements, in powder and oil soft gels.

Now, as is the case with all supplements that are offered in the market, not all of green lipped mussel products are created equal. What you always need to have in mind, is that you should always go through some thorough investigation comparing all the pros and cons before deciding which one to buy.

In general, one fundamental criterion that you should use that differentiates one product from the other, is the processing technology that the particular manufacturer has used to extract the health enhancing nutrients from the green lipped mussels, right after they are harvested.

In particular, the process that the Xtend-Life company (the one whose nutritional supplements I personally use and recommend) employs, consists of only two steps thereby ensuring that the total time taken from harvesting of the green lipped mussels to encapsulating them in powder form, takes only 30 minutes! In contrast, what other competitors do is follow a much lengthier process, resulting in degradation of the product along the way.

You can read more about their green lipped mussel product and become more educated about how they measure up against their competitors, at their site.

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