Green Lipped Mussel History

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Learn All About Green Lipped Mussel History

green lipped mussel historyWhen people start to research green lipped mussel history, they always find that this kind of shellfish is abundant in the Australasia region of the Pacific Ocean.

For example, an abundance of green lipped mussels are found in Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.  However, the species of green lipped mussels found in New Zealand, known as perna canaliculus, are differentiated from perna viridis – the species of green lipped mussels native to the other parts of Asia.

The composition of the two species is the main source of their differences.  After all, thousands of years of being exposed to different conditions and diet have caused the evolution of the two species.  New Zealand green lipped mussels are exposed to more sunlight, which makes them richer source of nutrients and enzymes when compared to their counterparts grown in other regions in Asia.

In New Zealand, the majority of green lipped mussels are harvested on the South Island, in the area called the Marlborough Sound, where the water is unspoiled and perfect for the growth of the mussels.

What you may also be interested in is why this shellfish is called as such, when the majority of the shell is actually dark brown, not green.  Actually, the lips, meaning the edge of the shell, which is green in color, is the origin of the name.  This type of species of shellfish is one of the biggest mussels, measuring as long as 240 millimeters.

The uniqueness of green mussels from New Zealand, as already mentioned earlier, lies in its nutrient content, which includes omega-3 essential fatty acids. We all know these can be found in fish; however the fatty acids are a special type and something that is not readily found in a lot of marine life, even in the different species of the same shellfish.

Because of this high omega-3 content, New Zealand green lipped mussels have been referred to as one of the most comprehensive whole food known to men  in terms of its nutritive content. They are known to be far superior to the green lipped mussels by Holland and Barrett in every way.

The nutrients from the extract of green lipped mussels have been proven to offer a number of benefits to the health of anyone taking it, with the primary benefits including the reduction and inhibition of inflammation, as well as the relief of pain and the management of joint health.

The popularity of green lipped mussel and their unique health benefits is expected to continue. One of the reasons is because scientists and other experts in the field of health and nutrition have been continually exerting more effort to improve the breeding and manufacturing of supplements containing green lipped mussel.

In the end, this will mean that they will continue to provide more benefits to the consumers. Moreover, more and more people outside of New Zealand are starting to be more aware of the special strengths provided by green lipped mussels, which makes sense that the demand for supplements has been steadily increasing and will continue to do so in the coming years.

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Now that you know a little bit more about the green lipped mussel history and after you study the rest of the useful information contained in this website, you will be in a much better position to evaluate whether a green lipped mussel supplement is good for you and also which product is the best.

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