How Location Affects Green Lipped Mussel Supplement Potency

Did you know that Green Lipped Mussel Supplement Potency is dependent on where the shellfish grow?

green lipped mussel supplement locationThere are a number of green lipped mussel supplement products available commercially, but not all of them are as pure or as potent as manufacturers would have us believe. Factors like extraction process, supplement form and even where the raw mussels that were used to produce the supplement came from all have an effect on the purity and efficacy of the final product.

Where can you get the best green lipped mussels?

Green lipped mussel or GLM is a shellfish native to the waters of New Zealand, although these mollusks can also be found in Australia and in several Asian countries. However, most marine life experts agree that the purest and safest mussels are those that are harvested from the waters of New Zealand, particularly the area of Marlborough Sound in South Island.

This region is best known for having the cleanest and safest bodies of water, which makes any marine life harvested from these parts top quality. GLM farmers in this particular region use environmentally friendly methods in growing and harvesting green lipped mussels and since supply is abundant, these mussels are allowed to grow and develop in a natural way, unlike in some waters where scarcity sometimes forces farmers to harvest mussels before they reach their maturity.

Coping with increased demand for green lipped mussel supplement

The popularity of supplements made from GLM, as well as the rise in demand for the raw mussel itself, prompted New Zealand growers to come up with sustainable ways to grow and harvest this highly nutritional shellfish. These eco-friendly farming and harvesting methods became so successful that it evolved into an industry all on its own, which is often referred to as aquaculture industry.

Today, the aquaculture industry of New Zealand is growing at an annual rate of 55,000 tons and is one of the most significant contributors to the economy of the country. Manufacturers of green lipped mussel supplement products would be better off getting their GLM from this region. However, not all producers of such supplements are lucky enough to have access to the fresh supplies that this country can provide.

Time and place can make all the difference

Although all manufacturers of GLM supplements will claim that they only use the purest mussels in producing their products, consumers should realize that those that get their raw shellfish from New Zealand are likely to have better quality supplements. Despite claims of purity and freshness, some green lipped mussel supplement brands rely on mussels coming from processing factories where several days had already passed before mussels get to the hands of supplement makers.

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