Joint Pain Liver Disease

Joint Pain – Liver Disease Connection

There are various reasons behind joint pain. Liver disease is not a very common reason but it is a possible cause. People suffering from a liver disease may experience pain and stiffness in their joints, depending on the type of liver problem they have and the level of the condition’s severity.

Characterizing liver problems

There are numerous diseases that can affect the liver, with hepatitis and cirrhosis being two of the most common. Wilson’s disease, cancer, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and Gilbert’s disease are the other types. There is also the so-called autoimmune liver disease, which is the one often associated with joint pain and bone-related problems.

Different liver conditions have different symptoms, although some symptoms may be seen in more than one type. The treatment option also varies, depending on the type of the illness. Also, some liver diseases may progress to more severe liver problems.

Highlighting autoimmune liver disease

This type of liver problem is one of the more serious ones. It also often occurs along with other serious conditions, such as diabetes, kidney inflammation, autoimmune anemia and Grave’s disease. Autoimmune disease of the liver may be the cause of these other conditions or they can set at the same time as this one does, mainly due to the weakening immune system.

Autoimmune liver illness can occur at any time, although it often starts in childhood. The early stage of the disease often does not produce pronounced symptoms, although rashes and discomfort in the abdomen may manifest at the early stages, along with joint pain. Liver disease of this type exhibits more symptoms as it progresses, including darker colored urine and gray-colored fecal matter. Loss of appetite and vomiting are also symptoms that can be seen as the disease develops.

If left untreated, the condition can get worse and lead to cirrhosis. In the developed stage, a patient may experience extreme weight loss, spider veins in the face, jaundiced skin and eyes and severe joint pains. Muscle spasms may also accompany the joint pains as not enough protein is processed and delivered around the body. The highest severity level is characterized by abdominal fluid or ascites and mental imbalance. For women, an advanced autoimmune liver disease may cause their menstruation to stop altogether.

The need for early treatment

Liver diseases, no matter in what form, should be addressed immediately since it is a condition that can threaten the life of a person or lead to other serious health conditions. For patients, waiting until the condition has progressed to its most advanced stage is a no-no. Early consultation with a doctor is important to diagnose the actual problem and to determine the most-suited treatment.

Most of the time, doctors will prescribe corticosteroids to treat the problem, although determining the dose will have to be done carefully as these types of drugs can suppress the immune system. For those suffering from a liver problem and are also experiencing pain in their joints, taking a nutritional supplement that can help relieve the pain may be an option.

All-natural supplements like Xtend-Life’s Green Lipped Mussel Powder is one of the highly-touted ones, mainly because of the absence of chemicals and artificial ingredients in its makeup that may react negatively with the other drugs being taken by the patient.

Why Green Lipped Mussel May be Safe for Sufferers of Liver Related Joint Pain

When dealing with any serious medical complication, it is important that you choose medicines that don’t have significant side effects, or negative interactions with other drugs. Green Lipped Mussel extract falls into this category, as has been proven with numerous medical studies in New Zealand and around the world. Green Lipped Mussel is an over the counter supplement that doesn’t require prescription, although those suffering from any condition, or those who are on other medication, should first check with their doctor before beginning a course of GLM supplement.

Green lipped mussel extract, including leading extracts like Lyrpinol and Xtend-Life, are recommended for use except in cases where the user is either allergic to shellfish (since the extract is produced from the meat of a mollusk), or where the user is either pregnant or breastfeeding.

GLM extract is beneficial to sufferers of joint pain because it is an effective anti-inflammatory agent. By reducing the swelling around joints, the extract can alleviate pain and help to restore mobility. This can make a massive difference in a patient who is already suffering from other complications, as the increased mobility can restore vigor and improve mood.

You may question whether it would be more effective for sufferers of liver related joint pain to simply take more traditional anti-inflammatory medication. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) like Ibuprofen (Advil, Nurofen etc.) are the most common drugs used to reduce inflammation. The problem with these drugs is that they do have side effects, and while they may not worsen the current condition of the patient, they could create other conditions that reduce quality of life.

Take Mefenamic Acid as an example. This drug is widely available around the world, and in many countries it does not require a prescription. As an NSAID it is highly effective, but it comes with some risks. Known side effects include gastric upset, and in the worst cases it can cause perforation of the gastric lining, leading to ulcers that can be serious or even fatal. Aged patients are more at risk of these complications, and the most worrying thing about this drug is that the damage can occur suddenly, without warning.

Ibuprofen is another NSAID that is widely used to reduce inflammation. Like Mefenamic Acid, it is widely available as an over the counter medication. Also like Mefenamic Acid, it has known side effects. Ibuprofen, the safest of any NSAID, still has the potential to lead to liver injury and even cases of hepatic liver damage. There are many documented cases, some of which have been republished by the US National Institute of Health.

Because liver conditions can lead to joint pain, you need to choose a product that doesn’t damage or put extra strain on your liver. Numerous studies point to Green Lipped Mussel extract as being a safe treatment, with no conclusive cases relating it to liver damage or liver disease. When you choose the purest form of GLM extract, you will be consuming a natural product with no additives. This means that you get all of the benefits of reduced inflammation in your painful joints, without having to worry about some of the severe complications that are associated with even the safest NSAID options.

Is a Pure, Natural Product, Safer for You?

Choosing a pure product means that you’re getting an extract that has no other supplements or ingredients in it. This means that you don’t have to worry about how your GLM extract is working with your other medicine. You don’t need to research or second guess how the other ingredients might affect your liver or joint condition – because there aren’t any. High quality powder extracts like Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel powder is regarded as safe, and is one of the most effective natural anti-inflammatory products on the market. In our research we have found this brand to be the purest, one of the most cost effective, and also one of the safest. No additional ingredients means no unexpected side effects.

Remember that if you are suffering from any symptoms indicative of liver disease, you should not self-diagnose. Many conditions share symptoms, and you may find that you’re not treating the right problem. Liver disease is a very serious condition and you should not make any changes to diet or medication until you have received the full approval of your doctor.

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