Do Stabilized Green Lipped Mussels Make the Best Anti Inflammatory Supplements?

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Do Stabilized Green Lipped Mussels Make the Best Anti Inflammatory Supplements?

best anti inflammatory supplementsAre nutritional supplements made from stabilized green lipped mussels (GLM) the best anti inflammatory supplements? Most of us have likely heard about the efficacy of GLM in reducing inflammation, but there are several brands of GLM supplements out there, so how can we tell which is the best among all of them?

Stabilized GLM supplements

There are various brands of green lipped mussel supplements that have undergone stabilization. It is a process that involves the addition of chemical preservatives to the shellfish prior to having them freeze-dried and converted into powder. This is a common method used by those that manufacture GLM nutritional supplements in powder form.

However, stabilization has one obvious major flaw – the use of chemical additives. This means that the final product is not as natural or as pure as it is supposed to be. Although powder green lipped mussels are some of the best anti inflammatory supplements around, powdered GLM that have been stabilized are less pure and less natural than those that have not undergone stabilization.

Are there non-stabilized powder GLM?

The answer to this question is yes. If you are to choose a green lipped mussel supplement, opt for the powder form, but also research on how that particular powder product was made and stay away from stabilized supplements.

The goal is to find the freshest and most natural supplement and to choose a product that has retained the nutritional value of raw mussels. This means no stabilization, no freezing and no cooking and no use of high levels of heat. Products that took the shortest time possible in converting raw mussels into powdered supplement are also your best bet since the shorter the time it took to complete the process, the more natural and the more potent the end product will be.

Other factors to consider

In choosing the best anti inflammatory supplements made from GLM, you also need to look into where the mussels used to manufacture the final product came from. Those that harvested their mussels from the clean waters of New Zealand are way ahead of the others in terms of efficacy and safety as waters from this country are known for being pristine and pure.

Green lipped mussel supplements are highly effective in reducing inflammation and in relieving joint pains. But if you are looking for the best and are also seeking the other nutritional benefits that raw GLM can provide, look for a brand that has been processed correctly, that derives its raw materials from safe and clean resources and only took a short time to process. With all these criteria satisfied, you can say that you have the best anti inflammatory supplements money can buy.

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