Supplements for Cartilage Repair

Supplements for Cartilage Repair: Why Green Lipped Mussel Products Are the Best

supplements for cartilage repairGreen lipped mussel (GLM) supplements for cartilage repair are some of the most effective that consumers can find. These products also offer benefits beyond repairing damaged joint tissues and providing relief from joint pain.

How GLM helps your cartilage

Cartilage is the connective tissue found in the joints of humans and certain animals. Injuries and aging are just two of the factors that can cause damage to these connective tissues. There are also health conditions that can cause them to be damaged, such as osteoarthritis and inflammation-related conditions.

Although cartilage damage is, in itself, difficult to heal, there are certain elements that can help in its repair. One such are glycosaminoglycans, a type of complex carbohydrates that are abundant in green lipped mussels. They are not exactly a cure for damaged tissues, but they have been found to have the ability to strengthen and repair damages to this part of the human anatomy.

More than just a tool for repair

Green lipped mussels are more than just core ingredients in supplements for cartilage repair, they also aid in strengthening the bones and joint tissues of the body which can help prevent damage from occurring in the first place. A host of other health benefits have also been associated with GLM, including benefits to the skin, the circulatory system, the immune system and the nerve cells.

With its omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, green lipped mussels are also great sources of nutrients that can help promote overall health. Supplements made from this shellfish have become popular in terms of alleviating joint pain and in reducing inflammation that can cause arthritis and other bone-related problems.

What the Maoris can teach us

Green lipped mussels are a type of shellfish found in the waters of New Zealand. The Maoris, an indigenous people in this country, have a steady source of ready-made, natural supplements for cartilage repair in these mollusks as GLM is a big part of their daily diet.

Most Maoris attest to the efficacy of this shellfish. They have long claimed that their consumption of this shellfish in vast quantities is the main reason why arthritis is a rarity among the Maoris.

Choosing your GLM supplement

Although the best way to get all the benefits that GLM can offer is to eat the shellfish raw, we need not despair as there are supplements for cartilage repair made from green lipped mussel already available in the market. For those who want to try this type of supplement, we suggest opting for a powdered form that was prepared without cooking of freezing as this will provide you with the highest nutritional value similar to the level found in raw mussels.

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  1. Have just started to take glm is there a time period before I might have some relief and does it actually rebuild cartilage

  2. I have been using green lipped mussel high strength supplements for 4 months. I had been wearing knee braces due to osteoarthritis don’t need them now no pain. I have the dog on powder form and she is like a pup again at the age of 10 she is charging around fabulous product

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