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Xtend Life Total Balance Review: Complete Product Lineup

Modern lifestyle can make it difficult to get the nutrition that you need for both yourself and your family. Even with the best diet choices, it’s possible to miss out on some of the essential vitamins and minerals that are needed to develop and maintain a healthy body and mind.

Xtend Life Total Balance  is a specially formulated range of multivitamin products that are designed for everyone in the family, right down to the children.

If you’re in need of premium multivitamin supplements, then this range is well worth a look.

Xtend Life Total Balance Men’s Multivitamin

This is the standard version of men’s total balance vitamins, and is recommended as the take-everyday formula for adult males below middle age.

The formulation has been specially designed to provide the essential nutrients that are required for a healthy and active lifestyle. Many of the ingredients are shared with the premium product, for a total of 77 enzymes, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and micro nutrients.

Xtend Life is all about giving cells the nutrition that they need for long life and efficient regeneration. Cell damage and oxidation can lead to a number of diseases and health conditions, so having a product like Xtend Life total balance can help to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you’re getting a complete diet.

Hormones are supported by natural flavonoids, and even good prostate health is maintained through the use of Xtend life. Taking these multivitamins can help you to feel more energetic, and are a great combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Learn more about this supplement and check its latest price by clicking the image below.

Xtend Life Total Balance Men's

The standard Total Balance Men’s provides the building blocks for good health, and is highly recommended, however, if you want to take things up to the next level with a more complete multivitamin solution, then you can look to Xtend Life Premium for men.

What Happens When You Step up to Xtend Life Premium Multivitamins for Men?

As men progress in age, it can be difficult to get the vitamins and minerals that are needed for optimal health.

Total Balance Men’s Premium is an advanced formula that helps to promote healthy testosterone levels, it can help increase prostate health, and the special formulation allows for good cell growth and longevity.

This supplement is designed to provide all around support for the body, while also reducing some of the aging signs in men. The premium version of this multivitamin packs even more nutrients than standard Total Balance Men’s, and is recommended for those who need more nutrient support, such as highly active men and those who are passing middle age.

Total balance vitamins include a huge range of ingredients (over 98 unique supplements) that have been specially formulated to support men’s health.

Everything from the basics of vitamins A, C, D, E, and K are present, as well as B6, B12, Potassium, Chromium, Selenium, Zinc, Green Tea Extract, and even Red Clover Extract. There’s also a comprehensive blend of amino acids like L Lysine and L Glutamine, and even Rutin and Lutein for good eye health.

The ingredients list is extensive and largely made up of natural extracts when possible. In total, the nutrients that you can gain from Xtend Life Total Balance is equivalent to what you could get from up to 40 different pills made by competitors.

Having everything in a single dosage is definitely one of the advantages to the standard men’s multivitamin, and makes for one of the strongest selling points. You save time, confusion of taking different products, and you’ll save money because you only need to stock one product.

Everything about Xtend Life has been designed to provide the maximum supplement boost.

The specially formulated enteric coating ensures that the ingredients are kept fresh, and also that they are protected from digestion in the stomach.

Instead, the tablet will pass through to the upper intestine where it can be better absorbed with nutrients being distributed to vital organs.

Xtend Life is unique in the market that it uses special grape seed extract as one of its key ingredients. This extract maintains the integrity of all of the other ingredients, and is derived from New Zealand grapes that are amongst the most powerful natural antioxidants that are currently in existence.

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Xtend Life Total Balance Men's

Do You Need Xtend Life Total Balance Women’s?

Women’s nutrient requirements are just as important as men’s, although there can be some differences when it comes to the particular vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and micronutrients that are required.

Although Xtend Life does provide a unisex option, the most complete women’s nutrition will come from either Total Balance Women’s, or Total Balance Women’s Premium.

The standard formulation for women contains 77 of the most effective micro nutrients, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, all of which have been specifically selected to boost women’s health. The standard dosage is 4 tablets per day, which allows for an affordable formula that can provide all around support.

Many of the ingredients used have been selected to slow the aging process by keeping the body as young as it can possibly be.

The formulation supports the cells to avoid deterioration, while also providing other specific health benefits.

Ingredients include vitamins A, C, and E, as well as D3, K2, B6, and B12.

The vitamin E used in Xtend Life Total Balance Women’s is a step above what you would find in most other generic and name brand supplements, because it includes a complete compound of Tocopherols, which combine to make a powerful antioxidant.

One of the unique extracts in the Women’s Standard package is Feverfew, which helps to provide support before and during menstruation. Another extract from Chasteberry helps to regulate healthy levels of the female hormone progesterone.

Want to learn more about Xtend Life Total Balance for women? Click the image below to visit the product page.

Xtend Life Total Balance Women's

Xtend Life Total Balance Women’s Premium

While Total Balance Women’s is aimed for everyday use by the average adults who are mildly active, the enhanced Total Balance Women’s Premium can offer all of the benefits of the standard supplement, with some extra ingredients in the formulation that help more active women or those who are aging.

Xtend Life supplements add 300% more base ingredients, so that you are able to take the maximum recommended dosage from a more powerful product.

There are 97 total ingredients in the premium package, which will help to maintain cholesterol levels, improve heart health, reduce aging, tighten skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The premium version of the product includes a unique immunity blend, with additional extracts that will help to maintain health and fight off infection.

Some of the additional ingredients include a potent Aloe Vera extract, Olive Leaf extract, Beta Glucan, and Tea Polysaccharides.

Whenever possible, ingredients in both premium and standard Xtend Life Total Balance Women’s are derived from natural sources. Xtend Life is known for using ingredients in their most expensive form, whereas some other supplement companies will choose more affordable ingredients that are easier to produce but less effective.

The Premium range is designed for any woman who needs a powerful formula that promotes good health and a youthful appearance. Premium is perfect for older women, anyone with a compromised immune system, or women who are physically active and need additional nutrients for recovery and maintenance.

Click the image below to learn more about Xtend Life Total Balance Women’s Premium: Ingredients, FAQs, customer reviews etc.

Xtend Life Total Balance Wpmen's Premium

What Are the Benefits of Xtend Life Total Balance Unisex?

You’ve seen the specialized men’s and women’s total nutrient supplements in both standard and premium versions.

What about when you want to share the same supplements with your partner, or if you’re simply looking for a good all-rounder that beats other options on the market?

You do have a choice in the form of the Xtend Life Total Balance Unisex supplements, which have been designed to give a complete vitamin, mineral, and micro nutrient boost to both males and females. The formulation has been designed not for any particular gender, but for all round support of health and physical appearance.

Key ingredients do not differ extensively from the men’s and women’s formulations, and you’ll still receive the benefits of key vitamins like A, C, D, E, K, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Thiamin, and many others.

There are also minerals like Calcium, Iodine, Zinc, and Phosphorus. Special ingredients like Ginkgo Biloba can help to provide an energy boost throughout the day, and may also help to improve brain function.

Although there is no specific immunity blend in the Unisex standard package, there is a good combination of amino acids that can help with muscle maintenance and other important functions.

Like all Xtend Life Total Balance products, the unisex package includes the eye health blend, including Bilberry, Rutin, Astaxanthin, and Lutein.

Put simply, this is a comprehensive package that goes beyond what you would find in standard multivitamin tablets. The ingredients are derived from natural sources whenever possible, and the mixture is formulated in New Zealand using some unique local ingredients.

If you need a great general use supplement, or if you want to stick to one product for male and female use without making compromises, then this would be an excellent purchase.

You can check packaging details and a full list of ingredients at the Xtend Life website, by clicking the image below.

Xtend Life Total Balance Unisex

The company also offers a premium version, and we’ll explore some of the differences in the next section.

Should You Step Up to Xtend Life Total Balance Unisex Premium Multivitamins?

Throughout this review, you’ve seen that Xtend Life follows a policy of offering premium versions along with their standard supplements.

Premium offers a few additional ingredients to provide more benefits, but perhaps more importantly, the dosages in premium tablets are increased.

This means that you can get the maximum safe dosage with all of the benefits of the standard supplement.

The unique combination in Xtend Life total balance can help to prevent premature aging while also reducing the signs of natural aging.

Many of the minerals and amino acids help to tighten and replenish skin, while providing support to every cell in your body.

Aging is a process that happens slowly and over time, and there’s no real way to reverse aging. However, there’s quite a difference between aging gracefully and aging due to environmental stress or poor nutrition.

Total Balance ensures that you get the nutritional support that is needed, right down to a micro nutrient level.

This product, like all of the Total Balance range, also helps to reduce inflammation. If you’re someone who suffers from joint and muscle pain, then this is an excellent product that could provide you with more mobility over time.

Safe for both you and your partner, unisex premium is the perfect option if you want to limit your supplement expenses and share the same effective ingredients in your household.

Complete details and online ordering can be found here

Xtend Life Total Balance Unisex Premium

Is Total Balance Children’s Right for Your Kids?

Even more than adults, children need specific nutrients to ensure strong development.

The combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and micro nutrients in Xtend Life Total Balance Children’s, has been specifically formulated to help reduce the risk of illness, disease, and degenerative conditions, while supplying all of the essential building blocks for a healthy body.

By giving your children a total supplement formulation, you could help them to:

  • Remain focused with better ability to learn.
  • Build a stronger immune system.
  • Recover faster from injuries or physical activity.
  • Improve their hand eye coordination and motor skills.
  • Develop healthier eyes with improved vision.

One thing that is immediately noticeable about the Total Balance Children’s supplements, is the fact that Xtend Life has gone to great lengths to provide natural extracts and ingredients.

Many supplement and pharmaceutical companies use synthesized ingredients, and if you’re a parent, you can probably agree that there’s rarely anything better than what nature can offer.

Natural ingredients are sourced from the pristine environment of New Zealand in the South Pacific, and there are 84 individual compounds that make up the Xtend Life formula in this package.

If your children have allergies, you’ll be pleased to know that the tablets are gluten and dairy free, and they feature the same specially formulated enteric coating that is common to all Total Balance supplements.

This coating ensures proper absorption within the upper intestine, rather than in the stomach. Just like in adults, this means that your children will be able to better utilize the nutrients that are included in the formula.

There’s an extensive ingredients list, some of which are common to adult men’s, women’s, and unisex tablets.

All of the key vitamin groups are here, including Vitamin C and E, as well as Vitamin B6 and 12. There are also special extracts like Cumin, Milk Thistle, and Green Tea.

Children aged over 6 years old can take up to three tablets per day, which will give them more than the standard dosage for many of the nutrients.

As an example, three tablets will provide 345% of the minimum recommended Vitamin C for children. Imagine all the nutrients that are missing from the diet of your child, and then think of the peace of mind that you’ll get from using Xtend Life Total Balance.

View the complete ingredient list and product info at the Xtend Life website by clicking the image below

Xtend Life Total Balance Children's

Overall Thoughts on the Xtend Life Total Balance Range

Looking at the ingredients list, the production methods, and even the packaging and tablet coating, there is no doubt that the Xtend Life Total Balance products are amongst the best that are currently on the market.

Even with the standard versions of the men’s, women’s, and unisex products, you’ll be buying a better than average formulation of ingredients, in stronger and higher quality doses than you get with many competing products.

The addition of a quality children’s supplement means that there is an option for everyone in your family, and it’s good to see that the same natural and high quality ingredients are used.

Overall, you may pay slightly more for Xtend Life Total Balance when compared to some other supplements, but you will get much more for your money.

Capsules are dairy and gluten free, they lack unnecessary fillers, and the company uses natural extracts. The price reflects the quality of what you are buying, and when it comes to something that you’re going to be putting in your body, why would you want to cut corners?

Whether you go for the standard supplements, or the higher potency premium range, you’ll gain the benefits of better nutrition and an increase in the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that you’re missing in your diet today.

Xtend Life has shown that they can make excellent high end supplements that still remain relatively affordable, and with a 365 Day Risk Free Guarantee, you’ll be able to return your tablets at any time if you’re not satisfied with the results.

That’s a guarantee that most companies simply won’t offer you, and it speaks volumes for the quality of these products.

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